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Angell-studio new dolls coming soon~~~bunny babies

Jan 11, 2011

    1. hello, dear ALL ^^

      Our new sweetie bunny babies are coming soon~~~~:D:D:D

      Pls keep your eyes on our updates on our homepage
      thank you:aheartbea
    2. Hello,dear all.^^
      This is the new doll of what we are goin' to release.^^
      The first couple is our Kimo and Kimo.^^
      They are all in solid gray skintone.^^
      Welcome to visit our website for updating.^^
      Thank you.^^
    3. Are they limited?
    4. AzureRedemption: It seems that at least Kimo and Kimi are limited to 30 sets each. Link
    5. Ah, I want the cutie boys. *A* Will they be sold as a Couple set like with the Fubao and Xibao last year?
    6. from the promotion link, does anyone know what the cuppons is about?
    7. "Orders placed with couple of KIMO&KIMI or ICE&SNOW from us can get a cuppon worth 35.00USD"

      My interpretation of this is that if you order the dolls as a couple, you get a 35.00 credit to spend on your next A-S purchase.

      Looking forward to seeing more pics of these cuties!
    8. Hello,dear^^ Kimi and Kimo are limited for 30sets.
      Ice and Snow are not limited.^^
      Hello,dear^^Thanks for your love.^^ No,since only Kimi and Kimo are limited for 30sets.^^ Ice and Snow are not limited.^^ No worries at all.^^
      Hello,dear^^ We made a little mistake.>,< The "cuppons" should be coupons. and the problem is fixed.
      Thanks so much for Kiro and oyashiro 's answer.^^
    9. More pictures updating.^^
    10. Do they actually come with the bunny ears? o__o i couldn't work out if they do...