Angell Studio New Head and Volks F63

Aug 19, 2017

    1. I just woke up this morning and my friend sent me this photo of a new Angell-Studio doll head. She told me it looks like a Volks doll and I agreed with her. I then googled up "Volks FCS Head" and then found the Volks F63 with similar features but AS only changed the shape of the mouth.

      What do you guys think about this? :o

      Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos provided. All credits goes to the owner
    2. They are quite similar. It's hard to say how much for certain because the pictures are at different angles and have other potentially deceptive differences (lighting, wig/no wig, face-ups), but I think (in addition to the mouth) the F63 has proportionally bigger eyes with a narrower space in between, and a slightly wider and lower glabella.
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    3. The sculpts are not the same. You can clearly see the mouth & eyes, nose are different.

      Personally I find it so very weird that every time a sculpt has similarities to other sculpt there's speculation about it...These are faces & bodies there's bound to be similarities after all. However, I'm familiar with completely obvious copies of dolls in the hobby, but still not every company out there copies others work.
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    4. I think they are really similar, but I can notice some differences. Sometimes I think lots of MSD face shapes are pretty similar and the small details make them unique and different...that's why I think it's hard to choose sometimes, you have to really look close and notice a lot of these details to do the right purchase. (I don't know if anyone has the same feeling)
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    5. eyes and lips looks really different for me..... but well the general feeling of the head is quite simillar, maybe is because of the makeup?
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    6. They look like completely different dolls to me.
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    7. I can see why you think it. Both are classically pretty faces. SO many faces are similar to these two. AS is smaller all over. It's not a copy. It's just similar. AS is past the need to copy. :-) Freshly strung = not having been exposed to a great many bjd faces like old timers are on here. After a bit you get an eye for the larger difference in what appears to be the same.
    8. with the makeup on, yes, they look quite similar. but when I had a look at both sculpts, they actually look quite different
    9. I could see a difference in the eyes and mouth. I can see them being similar, but they're not the same. I am picky about sculpts and noticing the details of the nose and mouth. I know when I look to buy a doll I have to look at different angles and then I really stare at the features to determine what it might look like in person.
    10. I am not good with sculpts but my mom is good. She looked at the 2 blank sculpts for a while and then said that they are different although similar. For sure, the chin and jaws are different. Slight difference in the eyes. She is unable to decide which she prefers, both are good.
    11. They look completely different to me. I can't find any similarity through the eyes, nose and mouth. The only resemblance is the face up :XD:
    12. They only have similar style but not the same anything else

      The picture is not fair for proper judgement they have to be both blank and in the same pose
    13. They're completely different to my eyes as well.