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Update Angell-studio new items

Oct 17, 2009

    1. Hello^^
      Angell-studio will release some new items include head,outfit and wig.:fangirl:

      One head:the skintone can be chosen among butter,pink,milk ans sun-tanned.
      Four outfit:god dress,mouse dress,bunny dress and monkey dress.
      One wig:brown mushroom wig.
      The details will be put on the website later.
      They will be available next week,please expect!:)
      Have a nice weekend!
    2. Did you manage to release these items this week like you said? Because I've been looking all over your site every day and I can't seem to find these cute outfits...
    3. I can't find these cute outfits anywhere on the website either... I assume they haven't been added yet?!?

      When will they be added? (I've been holding off an order since last week when it was announced.)
    4. Yes, the cow and the sheep costume were available even before they made this announcement. We are waiting for the Dog, Mouse, Bunny and Monkey costumes :sweat

      But thank for the heads up^^