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Angell-Studio New twins Ty and Rone (updating)

Jun 9, 2010

    1. Who are they...??
      Where are they...?
      Who wears the colors of the darkness?
      Who is gonna be the one to break the silence?
      Everything never gonna be end...

      Mysterious circles surround them.
      Because they comes from the bottom of a bloodiness underworld..
      They meet like water and fire?
      Born to burst like sparking
      Born to go through fierce fighting...
    2. hello,all
      sorry for let you waiting,lol
      our new twin doll finally comes out~^^
      Yes,they are~
      they are Ty and Rone.
      Their Name comes up with Tyrone.
      Here they comes.
    3. Will the heads be available to purcahse separately, or are they sold as complete dolls only?
    4. Are they limited?
    5. Do Ty and Rone have the same head, or are they different sculpts? Will we be able to see no makeup heads in the future?

      Thank you :3 They are both gorgeous!
    6. Hello, tks for your question^^ The heads will be available to purchase =^-^=
    7. Hello, tks for your questions^^
      They are not limited =^-^=
    8. Hello, tks for your questions^^
      They are different sculpts O(∩_∩)O~
      And we will updates their no make-up photos in futureXD
    9. hello.all~^^
      Your can order our Ty&Rone now~~^^
      They are waiting for you to take them home~
      And here are they~^^

      And welcome to visit our DA for more stories updating...
      Thank you.^^
    10. Gorgeous!!! Especially Ty!!

      Do the boys come with body blushing, the fingernails details is amazing!

      Also, are the clothes and wig available for seperate sale?

      Can we order from you directly?
    11. Hello,dear thank you so much for your highly appreciation.
      The clothes and wig can be bought seperately.^^
      And the simplest way is to place order on our website directly.^^
      Thank you.
    12. TY&Rone new pictures updating~~:aheartbea:aheartbea
      thank you so much for loving our Ty&Rone.
      Now it's summer,gilrs and boys are all out for swimming~
      Walking around the peach,enjoy the sunshine~
      Yes,that's what we want to show you now,
      Ty&Rone's New looking!!
    13. yummy! is there any US stores that sells them
    14. @Angell-Studio : Do you have stores in Singapore? I'll be in Singapore by August. thanks! :D
    15. They're so gorgeous but so tall! Do the heads work on your 61cm body as well or just the 70m range?
    16. Hello,dear^^
      Thank you so much for your question,
      Sorry,we don't have a store in US at the moment.
      You can order from our official website directly.^^
      Thank you.
    17. Hello,dear~^^
      Yes,we have dealers in Singapore,^^
      But they decide to moving to a new place.
      We would tell you after they confirmed the new address of the store in Singapore.
      Thank you.^^
    18. Hello,dear^^
      thank you so much for your comments.<3
      The head can put on our 1/3 doll's body,
      but it would be a little large.
      Any more questions welcome to PM us or leave messages on our official website.
      Thank you.^^