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Angell-Studio promotion and event head

Oct 12, 2008

    1. I found this on the main site


      Dears, from this month we would have promotion, which would continue to 2009-1-6. Do not miss it!=v=

      15USD present for 100USD order

      30USD present for 200USD order

      50USD present for 300USD order

      70USD present for 400USD order

      Present includes random eyes, wig or shoes, etc.(specific request accepted)

      A Christmas limited head for 500USD order!
      A Christmas limited head and Face-up B for 660USD order!
      A Christmas limited head and Face-up A for 770USD order!

      So now when you order a doll, wig and eyes would not be free except baby.(random eyes) But this new promotion would be better!= v =


      Pictures of the head have not been posted as of yet~ The wig and eyes thing is a little depressing. I'll email to see if the offers overlap ($770+ order gets the $70 gift and event head?)
    2. Also they got the New dolls apart for female its 410 and for male its 420 I belive.
    3. I asked and they told me that it is okay to, for example, have the head and free gift of 30$, if you purchase goods over 700$ (like 500$ for head and 200$ for free gift).
    4. it is beautiful, but i think there should maybe be a gore/content warning?
    5. I was speaking with one of the representatives last night and she mentioned another version of the head was going to go up, and hinted at new dolls next month as well. : D HINTED being the key word. >w>;;
    6. She told me too that another event head is going to be released very soon.
    7. Are you sure that's the right link? I get a page loading error when I try it.

      Edit 2: Nvm, seems the whole site is having difficulties at the moment. Mods, feel free to delete this post.
    8. They told me they are moving the server. Tomorrow it would be ok.:sweat
    9. Sorry for the inconveniencce. We are moving the server. And here is our temporary site: http://old.angell-studio.com/en
    10. Just a heads up(as it were..XD) I e-mailed Denver Doll and they will be offering the event heads as well. :thumbup

      They should have the information up on the website soon.
    11. Can we choose the skin type for the event head?
    12. I emailed Hedi to ask and was told that for the event head you can choose either pink or white skin, and that you can also choose which version of face-up. :)
    13. I just got an email from Denver doll and they said you can't get the event head from them.
    14. No problem i like ordering straight from AS,but which size is the boy. 60cm? from the look of it
    15. yeah he's a 60cm. I think he's pictured on the AS body. But would probably be just fine on either.
    16. Hmmm, i dont get it... >.<