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Angell-Studio Saunani Family discussion: Vejino saunani & Dora Christina

Jan 16, 2010

    1. Two large dolls are released finally.I love them ,especially Vejino:D The skin is beautiful:fangirl:
      I think more pics will be added soon.:)


    2. I love the guy and the girl is cute too.
      But I can find good pictures of them where one could see the face clearly >_<
    3. They are very pretty but look quite different from the normal AS dolls...I wonder if they had a different sculptor...?
    4. Is the girl a double jointed body? It doesn't look like it in the pictures.
    5. She should be a double jointed body,the informations of her note:senior body.
    6. I was really psyched about these dolls, Vejino especially. But when I see his face from the front, I think the chin is too big. I like his profile, but not the front view. Does anyone else feel like he has a cleft in his chin? Or do you think it's just the face-up? I wish they would post just normal pictures of the doll. This story thing doesn't show me enough to make a decision.
    7. GOD! now Ive seen more pics I MUST have Vejino!

      Ill ask AS if he is limited.

      Edit: I cant leave comments on AS site, cant register, nothing.

      I tried Firefox and then Internet Explorer :(

      Anyone els has problems?