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angell studio THE TYRONES

Jun 26, 2010

    1. hi
      Since I didn't see a discussion, I thought I'd start one for the TYRONES
      TYRONE (elder brother) and TYRONE (younger brother)
      since I am not sure are they new and gonna be released soon or are they just sold out
      all i know is that tyrone (elder brother) is realy coool:D
      so anyone knows anything about them?;)
    2. I dont have any information about them but I really love the younger brother!!
      I hope they are not out of stock.
      May be angel studio will release them soon.
    3. Haha, for some reason the younger Tyrone looks older to me than the elder Tyrone. The elder looks interesting to me~ quite lovely!
    4. I wouldn't have given AS a second glance unless I was pointed directly at them, but I'm quite impressed with these two! Clearly AS has been working on their sculpting skills! Their faces and hands look great!
    5. finaly someone replied *tears of joys*

      kazuki: yeah me too i go to thier link every minute waiting for the statue to change into in stock or something

      idrisfynn: i thought that too thats why i liked the elder brother more than the younger one;)

      st.james: i didnt look before in AS dolls cause i didnt like the whole style but recently i found myself falling in love with some of there dolls like lucifer in butter skin and elder brother tyron ofcourse:aheartbea
    6. These must be the nwe boys from AS,imo the sculpt is the same but face up and full set clothes changes a bit.
      Stunning by the way X3
      Are sold out actually only cause both aren't still avaible for sale.
    7. I'd agree, it seems a bit ironic..i like a bit more the youger BTW....
    8. thats great :) then all i have to do is wait and see what the prices will be
    9. finally the price is out but no details yet and they changed the names too
      elder brother > ty
      younger brother > rone
    10. I love i love....i'm really thinking to get one....X3
      By the way as me and $avage are twin sisters i can tell that AS put the wrong personality XD
      usually in the twins the elder is much more resolute and also quite,while the younger is much more effusive and chatterbox XD
    11. Amazing faces, and the body looks very nice from what I can see of it also. It should be interesting to see the full photos on these guys.
    12. The body shoud be the regularAS senior Charm,as far as i know never changed, on the AS web site somewhere should be the full photoshooting,i guess in the parts section.
      I like a lot these two twins.
    13. Oh, they released the story of them yesterday.
      But it seems it's only the introduction of elder brother right now:

      "Both of them are from orphanage. Just like other stories, they are adopted by a killer union.
      After several years’ trainings and bloody fights, they become the top killer all around the world.
      However, with the years passed by, things changed.
      Elder Brother-Ty gets tired of killing people again and again.
      He hate so much when he open eyes every morning, the first thing he have to face and do is the endless killing and fighting.
      He just wanna be a normal person. Like all other common people, run to work with sleepy eyes, date girls and walk under the bright sunshine without worries of killing and being killed.
      He is suck to guess who the FBI is and who his target is.
      Even though he does not know what the normal life likes, he just wanna it, just hope he can walk with his younger brother and enjoy the air of the liberty.

      Links: http://angell-studio.deviantart.com/
    14. I'm very curious about the size of these boys.
      Because if they are 70cm I dont buy any of them.
      I prefer 60cm dolls may be 65cm but not more.
    15. that worked thank you very much :)