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Angell-Studio Yan Di and Hua Xi

Oct 21, 2008

    1. Discussion thread here
    2. They are really stunning! Adding the introduction:

      YAN DI (炎帝)
      In the land filled with creations
      Sun and moon change
      But my soul would never fade way
      I'm the only king between the earth and heaven
      My people respect me
      The dragon in the earth helps me
      They are living just for me...​

      HUA XI (华熙)
      Blessed by Almighty
      I'm undefeatable in the fight with storm and thunder
      My faith is for the God
      My sword is for the enemy
      Do not say I would never return
      I will accompany you to the end of the world
      My lord...​

      Their release date hasn't been confirmed yet, but I think HUA XI can be ordered from AS's Chinese website already(with the same amount of money as Van, and the doll seems to be non-limited though the outfits are limited).​
    3. Wooooooooo! I just saw them on their site. And it seems it's not up yet.
      It is said "coming soon..."

      Is it senior body or normal body? And limited or standards?
    4. Oh so these are the general release of the 71.5's!
      My friend saw them at Dollism and was saying that they were in chinese dress, so if Hua Xi is on the chinese site at the same price as Van then I think its pretty certain it is them.
    5. They're grouped with the Senior dolls so I think that's the one - also and qiaoban said the doll seems to be standard with a limited outfit (going purely on her information :sweat)
    6. They are 71.5cm double jointed body, similar to Van and Gavin.
    7. I may be wrong, but on the Chinese site, there's no indication of 'limited' for them (while Van and Gavin have been clearly labeled as 'limited'). Then in the following declaration, it says, the price does not include the limited outfits\wig\eyes etc.

      Edit: The notice on their site: 'New Dolls would be released soon. Price and detailed options will up tomorrow.'
    8. They are not limited. The website up today.
    9. Are they the same faces as Gavin and Van but with human ears and mouth?
    10. I think they have totally different face with Gavin and Van.:sweat
      But body may be same size?

      And they add the explanation of their names on main site.