Angell-Studio Youth (58-61cm) and Charm (62-71cm) Discussion Vol. 3

Apr 14, 2017

    1. Hey Angell Studio owners! I had a moment last night where I finally tried to "fix" a small part of the eyeliner on my Dina where the black paint had chipped off after fixing an eyelash that was loose. Also, does putting the eyes in too close up against the eyelashes cause them to come off? I'm worried I did something wrong in the beginning. My doll is almost 4-years-old now, so maybe the eyelash glue loosens over time?

      Anyway, I took black acrylic black to barely touch it up and it now isn't a straight line. :( Then I tried using Elmers glue and eyelash glue to glue the eyelash back on and had an awful time of it not wanting to stay.

      So, what do you use for eyelash maintenance?

      And, if you have sent an Angell Studio doll back to get a faceup, how did the process go? I still have the photos from when I got Dina originally, and I really love the original custom faceup.

      Thank you for your help!

      ---------- Added notes ----------

      Discussion for the lovely Youth and Charm sized dolls from Chinese dollmaker Angell-Studio. :)

      Website: Angell Studio, BJD, DOLL,ASDOLL, Ball Jointed Doll,

      Wiki: Angell-Studio - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
      Angell-Studio Youth (58-61cm) and Charm (62-71cm) Discussion Vol. 2
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    2. Most people recommend Aleene's Tacky glue for eyelashes. It is thicker than Elmers so it will hold faster.
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    3. Figured I'd drop in with some pictures of my custom coloured Bing Yi, Balik!



      even without a faceup, I was completely in love with her, but now that she's all painted up and perfect (Thank you, Adrenaline Addiction!) I'm absolutely in love.
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    4. @Chameleon Your girl looks amazing!! Her custom colour is beautiful**!
    5. Thank you so much! Angell-Studio is definitely amazing with custom resin colours!
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    6. @Chameleon Wow, what a beautiful girl!! Thanks for sharing :)
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    7. Thank you!! She's definitely my current favourite.
    8. Sending this up. Does anyone have Charlotte? She's so pretty!
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    9. I've got Charlotte ordered, that probably doesn't count though :)

      Four weeks down, way too many to go :...(
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    10. I ordered Charlotte and she's on her way!
      Should be here in the next two weeks (knock wood). I'll post up pictures of her once she arrives!!

      I know how you feel @Leiothrix, mine took about 3 months +shipping, and I got the face up the week before she was shipped ^^! Long wait, but totally worth it!

      @Chameleon her face up and colour are beautiful!! She looks so magical!
    11. Hello, Angell Studio owners!
      I don't have an AS doll, but there's one I can't get out of my head, so I've been doing research and trying to figure out if a doll that big would even be fun. My big question is posability.

      I saw a video where someone reviewed a Hua Xi body, and he seemed to be pretty well able to hold poses, even if he did not want to stand alone.

      Does anyone know if Lan Ling is on the same body as Hua Xi? They both list "70cm muscle male body," so is that actually the same thing with a different head sculpt?

      For bonus points, does anyone own a doll with that body and want to talk about how much they like, or don't like, the articulation?
    12. Congratulations @villainedward

      I'm looking forward to some photo spam so I can live vicariously for just a moment :XD:
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    13. Thank you so much!! She's definitely my favourite!
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    14. Thanks dude!!
      :XD: Don't worry, I will put up lots of pictures :chibi I haven't seen too many pictures of her so, gotta fill the gap!
      Did you get the full set??
    15. Yes I did.

      Well, almost. I changed the legs from the high-heel feet that it comes with to a jointed ankle, so I've got different shoes coming with her.
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    16. @ArvenSS --Oh! Thank you so much for posting a Lan Ling!!! I haven't seen any other photos than the official ones before. :)
    17. OMG snap!! I got the ankle jointed foot aswell! I think it gives you more options for shoes!:XD: I got the flat caramel shoes. What shoes you get?? You getting the dress and all??:D
    18. I didn't like the idea of her feet stuck in heels, it just looks uncomfortable. I don't want to think "ow" when I look at my dolls :)

      I got the dress, eyes and hair as pictured on the sales page. The shoes I ordered are the Antique silver shoes, I figured they'd match the dress reasonably well.

      I'm not quite sure of the shoes you've mentioned, are they these -- Idyllic Flat heel shoes?