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Angell studio Youth (girls)

Dec 26, 2015

    1. Hey!
      I couldn't really find a discussion about these lovely girls! .. Thought I'd just start one myself :)
      The main reason is shoes.. I have a Baining and her feet are so little, every SD shoe is just wayyyy to big. Anyone who could give me some advice as to where to look? She only has the flat feet and most AS shoes are high heels..

      Also I don't mind to see pictures of your lovely ladies! Mine is featured in my avatar on the left. <3
    2. Here is my Hilda!

    3. I love the dramatic face-up!
    4. Thank you, AllyCat! I just love her! She is so different from the rest of my dolls!
    5. I don't know if this thread is still active, but I did order an Angell-Studio's Cinderella. I would take pictures but I am planning to send her head off for a face-up.
    6. How wonderful! Do share pictures once you have her!
    7. Totally planning on it!
    8. I don't yet have an AS doll, but I thought I'd try to revive this discussion. Bing Yi is an exciting new sculpt, particularly with her staff and horns. Any other AS lovers in the crowd? *searches*
    9. I don't own a full AS doll anymore but I still have a Baining head hybrided onto a DC body. ^^
    10. @AllyCat ooh! I love DC's bodies. Which body were you thinking?
    11. @Chameleon I already have the doll. She's on the Christina embossed body. :)
    12. @AllyCat oooh! Do you have any pictures? I adore that body!
    13. I do! The head fit is not great but I don't mind it as much. :)
      Here she is
    14. If you all want to join a more active AS thread, here is a link to the AS Youth & Charm thread. It's already on the second volume, so I think it's the "canon" discussion thread for AS dolls.
    15. @AllyCat she's gorgeous! I actually really like the way her head looks with the DC body!

      @Kimchi thanks! I'll be sure to check it out.
    16. Thanks! <3