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Angell-Studio's Gabriel & Lucifer Discussion

Oct 17, 2007

    1. this will be the general discussion for these lovely dolls:

      OMG they are soo beautiful!!:aheartbea

      here's Lucifer:
      more of Lucifer here

      and Gabriel:
      more of Gabriel here

      :D I wanted Gabriel badly!:D
    2. Not that I'm complaining, but why are they so inexpensive?

      I love the dolls - I hadn't seen this company before and their sculpts are gorgeous - I especially love Abel & Kana <3 and their ordering service is great, I love that they offer the ability to swap genders.
    3. here are the OFFICIAL PICTURES from angel sanctuary, very famous gothic japanese manga.

      Actual character "Lucifer" from Angel Sanctuary


      Character called Gabriel/Jibriel


      I'll be honest. I love the outfit.
      But I'm not sure if they got permission to use Kaori Yuki's designs.....
    4. Well, maybe they are not inexpensive, maybe just the other companies' usual prices are too expensive? :lol: Just a joke ^__^

    5. They are running some kind of promotion that's why they are so cheap. ^^

      Edit: "In order to make more BJD fans to experience the excellent quality and friendly service,Angell-Studio is offering J-Experience 1/3 at a special price for half a year. However, as the output is limited, only 50 dolls of J-Experience 1/3 are on sale each month. If the quota was full for this month, the order would be postponed to the next following month..."

      I adore Gabriel. I want a boy although she makes a lovely girl too!

      I hope they did get permission! '_'

      I love the fact you can get your doll with a scent *giggles* and the change of gender is awesome!
    6. :doh i just hope they do... i dont want them to have any problems about copyright thingies... :...(

      just wanting the basic gabriel and not the fullset... hopefully order by the end of this month...
    7. Haha nice, yeah - I was looking at Lu-wen earlier. I wish he went for $300 :lol:

      -- are there pictures on the boy's body page and I'm just not seeing them? I like the head sculpts a lot but I'm wondering about the 1/3 body.

      As far as scent - Narin scents their dolls, it's definitley a big plus when you first get them :D I swear- every company that scents their dolls needs to sell the scents individually - it wears off and I'd love to re-apply :)

      guh, I love Abel, he's so gorgeous :o
    8. Maybe because 250USD is worth about as much as 600USD in their own currency in their own country?

      China currency and USD =/= 1:1
      1.00 USD = 7.51358 CNY (chinese yuan)

      1,000.00 KRW (korean won) = 1.09082 USD
      100.00 JPY (japanese yen) = 0.857312 USD

      someone else would have to confirm what is 1 yuan worth in china, but that's further off topic.

      And from what I heard from the company rep some weeks ago, the price increase will only effect the dolls that comes in AFTER the promotion. That means after the promo, gabriel and lucifer, and kana and everyone who was out during the promo would still be the same price.
    9. Nevermind, misread something. xD
    10. i think that the 1/3 dolls are not that expensive because they are using japanese resin, called "AS-J.Experience"... but if u noticed, the price of their 1/4 dolls are almost the same as the 1/3 because their 1/4 dolls are using french resin, hence called "AS-F.Nicety.KID"...
    11. =0 Gabriel is beautiful!
    12. I hope they will sell the heads only for these two.... I already have a body for them (need to swap out Adam)
    13. apparently Lucifer is an Adam Special and Gabriel is a Lilith Special... it's written on their item site... though it'll be great if anyone could compare it... it's like, FINALLY OPEN-EYED!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      awwwwwwwww~ they should start with the 1/4 too... with so many 1/3 of theirs coming up, i'm hoping they've 1/4 soon... and it looks like they've pretty much finished up their 1/6 too so will see when they release it...

      i think they might sell a full-set? no point having a doll looking like Lucifer/Gabriel and not selling as a whole set right? i do hope they've copyright permission for this though... T_T
    14. Yup, totally Angel Sanctuary dolls. First thing I thought when I saw them. (I do love me some Angel Sanctuary.) They're really, really pretty. @_@ And they won't get in trouble, even if Kaori Yuki finds out. It's impossible. They aren't stealing the illustration and selling it, so no crimes have been committed here. It's just some awesome outfits. :3 (Which are slightly different, anyway.)
    15. Anyone know the difference between Japanese and French resin? I haven't heard of Japanese Resin.
    16. They look pretty and Lucifer was my favourite character in the AS manga...
      but all I'm wondering is...

      Why is this in the "general discussion" o_&#212;??

    17. Sorry I'm just a newbie...:(

      This sub-forum i dont know where to post so i placed it in the general discussion...

      moderators if you find it in the wrong category, i am sorry.
      could u please place it in the correct category...

    18. I was wondering why i couldnt find it in the size forum! XD

      Omg could someone please clear this up for me, these 2 are standard dolls right? Not limited ones? Sorry i'm just confused and excited, Gabriel is exactly what i've been searching for! :D
    19. Well I'm also wondering about their clothing.
      Their name is "XXXX normal version" and I can't imagine that for their cheap price you'll also get their Angel Sanctuary outfit with them >_>
      Plus their options don't say anything about their outfit, only sleepwear in black or white....

      hmmm but if they DO come with these outfits I'm seriously tempted to buy Lucifer XD [badbadbad]
    20. i was hoping that they are brand new lines ^^
      Lucifer! Oh yes i love Angel Sanctuary (i hate Sara and Setsuna tho :P) but Lucifer is brilliant in it. I was going to ask originally if they looked like them guess it is AS dolls!

      Gabriel and Lucifer. Squee, i want Lucifer now... oh dear