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ANGELL STUDIO'S NEW Senior 71.5cm Dolls Gavin and Van

Jul 12, 2008

    1. OMG! New seniors are just...amazing.
      A suntanned, elf eared boy with vampire teeth? What else can I ask for?

      Anyone knows when are they gonna be on sale? :D
    2. WOOT *cheers*

      Just when I was looking for a were-boy too :D
    3. Yes! I was waiting for this
    4. am i the only one experiencing this, or does the AS site seem to be loading toooo slow?
    5. It won't load for me at all. I've tried it on a couple different computers.
    6. Angel studio only do french resin dont they? Im only comfortable buying urethrene dolls but i want a werewolf :(
    7. yes, the french resin makes me nervous too >__<

      (i would have welcomed them making 71cm versions of Lucifer or their other existing molds in normal resin, but then these sun-kissed boys are still welcome *___*)

      apparently the AS website is working now for me too.
    8. Angel Studio does french resin for their 1/4 and tiny dolls. The 60cm+ dolls are in urethane.
    9. The way that I read it was that these molds were made in french resin, if you have a question you could just ask the Angell-Studio rep on here.
    10. The site (and their US dealer whom BETTER be getting these guys XD) still say that they're all French resin. I for one hve no clue what the heck my Cain is made of :\ He's got a lovely glow to him but I really how he's not French resin. I <3 Sun photos.

      Thumbs up for making a non-limited 70+cm tan guy :3 COME ON DOI. TAKE THE HINT?
      Though their face sculpts just aren't me :\

    11. Woow.. looks like AS is really starting to hit it off. I'm glad to see them grow into a bigger, better company. :3

      Those look like nice molds, and I see that it had a new joint system?
    12. Did anyone see a price for them? I didn't..... or have they not posted the price yet??
    13. No price posted yet. I'll go start a chat thread ;)
    14. I love the bodies but I'm not so such about the heads. They look too much like the 60cm version so the faces don't quite match the muscles XD I jush couldn't get a Van... He looks too much like my Cain.

      On a good note, I love the tan and they don't have the DOI 8-pack XDDD I'd love to see the two standing next to each other, it almost looks like the AS bodies have more leg whereas the Idols have longer torsos.

    15. I desperately want Gavin but in Normal skin. *pouts*
    16. Do they add uv filters to their resin? :sweat I never thought id buy a french resin doll but the idea of having a wolf boy is calling me...
    17. ..... ooop, double post, which due to my insane internet didnt show up until now :sweat
    18. when will he be available?
    19. My Cain is normal urethane resin and not french resin. In the past it has always been minis and smaller=french resin, 1/3=normal resin. (Japanese style resin, 'J-experience' or something like that) also from the pics, neither of these new dolls look like french resin at all.

      I want them both D: