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AngelOfDream tiny dolls (1/6) discussion part 1

Sep 5, 2007

    1. Did anyone see this yet?


      She has a "coming soon" and I found out about it on the mini forum (I'm currently waiting for a 1/4 boy body and have heard happy stuff about their other sizes)

      All I've been able to find out are they are possibly yo-sd or petite ai sized, most likely closer to petite ai (depends on what they think 1/6 tall is...) but I'm super hoping is double jointed (that's how all their dolls are...but who knows in one this small)

      *rubs hands together and starts to plan*

      ....mod notes....

      AngelOfDream tiny dolls (1/6) discussion part 1:
    2. I hope they will sell these little bodies separately so my two floating heads will finally be real dolls!
    3. Oh! really interesting, I'm looking for a tiny for my mom.
    4. I did see they had them coming, and I'm quite anxious to see how tall they will be ~ might just fit right in with my growing resin family :)
    5. I have seen them listed on EBay (Australian seller). They appear to be Petite Ai sized, dimensions were given, however an overall height wasn't given.
    6. I saw the notice, but for some reason thought they were Uyoo dimensions. Glad to see they're a regular tiny!
    7. I never thought I'd want a tiny, but Ni Ni is soooo cuuuuute....D: :aheartbea
    8. Oh yes, I show the news about them. I think Ni Ni is my favorite :D
      Anyone have the word about how much they will cost yet?
    9. I'm realy liking Le Le and Guai Guai.

      note to self - will need boy shoes for them. Did I just say that. :sweat
    10. Am i the only one who noticed that on the site it says they cost a dollar! XD I'll take all four! But they are extremly cute!
    11. Am i the only one who noticed that on the site it says they cost a dollar! XD I'll take all four! But they are extremly cute!
    12. I noticed that. Even the new 1/4 dolls are listed as $1. But I doubt that would get by them.
    13. aww, I'm adding Mimi to my wishlist!
      they're $150
      -Jessie :)
    14. <snerk> Nope, cuz I tried to buy them :)
    15. I'm a bit baffled. The size stats are up at the AoD website, and they list both genders as being the same height. The nude body shots at Denver Doll, however, make the girl seem much shorter...nearly too short for the size of her head. Fish-eyed camera shot? Copy-and-paste oversite?

      (I'm thinking LeLe would be a really purty girl...)
    16. Ahhhh!!!! finally!!!! I've been eyeing the smiling Li Li and I'm smitten!
    17. I've pre-ordered Mimi. I'm hoping she can wear my Leeann clothes. trudy <><
    18. Has anyone got one of these yet?

      (tempted by Guai Guai)