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AngelRegion 5th anniversary event (added pictures)

Feb 1, 2007

    1. AngelRegion added the following (www.fairdoll.com), to celebrate their 5th anniversary:

      (Added pictures for those of you who didn't get to see them)

      5th Aniversary Milky Skin Dana

      5th Aniversary Milky Skin Ami

      5th Aniversary Present Box


      Sleeping Head Kit Cien

      Sleeping Head Kit Ren (OH MY DEAR GAWD!!) X_x

      Sleeping Head Kit Ami

      ok, I just got an email from AngelRegion, they said:

      Fairdoll.com opened experimentally.
      From now on, new products are shown in Fairdoll.com, not
      Right now we are updating open anniversary event goods.

      After the end of update and shipping for current orders, you may
      connect to Fairdoll.com through angelsupply.co.kr.

      Before we end shipping, Angelsupply.co.kr will still run its course.

      It is a whole new system, so after March, when test ends, you may use
      foreign credit card, Paypal and foreign remittance.

      We are happy to show you various images and detailed information on a
      whole new system. Thank you.

      I couldn't find much on fairydoll.com, except from the Anniversary goods listed above under the Time Limit section:

    2. Im kind of interested in the anniversary box. Does anyone know which size SD13 volks boys would be in Angel region size?
    3. Hmm... I know Angel Region boys are a lot smaller than other 60cm dolls. They are smaller even than SD10 boys. The shoes I bought for my Kai when I had him won't even fit an SD10 girl. So unless it says that it's for SD13 sized dolls, I would be careful.
    4. It should be the L size. At least in their other site (http://angelsupply.co.kr/eshop/index.php) the shoes marked as size L (example) say they are for SD13 boy or Unoss.

      And oh man, their new site died so fast! ;_;

      I managed to save the sleeping Ren kit image, posting it in the first post for those who couldn't see them :(

      EDIT: Whadya know! I hit the back button in that window and it still had the small images of the other dolls, saving them and putting in the first post now ^^
    5. what is the anniversary present box? is it the 2 pairs of shoes shown?
      thanks, M
    6. no, its kind of like a grab bag. its $100.00 for the box but you get $150+ worth of wigs, shoes, etc
    7. thanks so much.
      Has anyone ordered yet? It doesn't seem to like paypal being checked for payment. I put one in my cart and tried to check out and all I get are script errors.
      thanks, M
    8. I ordered the Present Box (inpulsively). The only problem I had was that my UserID and password from the old site wouldn't work, so I had to register again.
    9. Angelregion added what they said it was the last update for their anniversary event.

      Now it's Fair kits and one Little Fair present head (for Ciel or Cien owners)!

      Makeup Head Kit Nick

      Makeup Head Kit Aida

      Makeup Head Kit Allern

      Makeup Head Kit Elly

      Makeup Head Kit KAI

      Fair Girl Normal Skin UFK Kit

      Fair Girl Rosy White Skin UFK Kit

      Fair Girl Normal Skin UFK Kit (I don't know what's up with the NS Fair Girl Kit posted twice, I'm assuming one of them is supposed to be a boy kit, or a milky white skin kit, I'll email them and ask)

      Luna Present head
      It appears to be a present LF head that will only be available for Ciel or Cien owners.

      This is Luna, one of AngelRegion's first dolls.
      Total of 30 bodies were sold, and later Luna became the base for Ciel and Cien twins.

      Luna is a present for all Ciel and Cien owners.
      This will be a special gift for celebrating Angel Region's 5th anniversary.

      Owners who want to receive Luna should make an order and upload Ciel or Cien's pictures.