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Angelregion.... A? New life, Janus and reincarnation [SALE]

Sep 16, 2005

    1. i've seen those on the angelregion site. they are very unique. not my type but still very neat molds. I have been haunting the angelregion site waiting for them to put up the picture of warrick.
    2. really? i just saw them before and they had only updated the last one...
    3. So pretty....I've been watching the NotDolls for a while. I thought about getting one for a while.
    4. i saw them on the angelregion.co.kr site for atleast a day or two. the angelsupply.co.kr gets stuff a little slower, i noticed they just added those three today. they still haven't added warrick to the site yet
    5. i only go to angelsupply.co.kr since ...its.....well..easier to read :p
    6. Same here about Warrick. I have been looking everyday to see if he goes up. ^^;; I want to update my original Warrick post when it happens.
    7. Not my style, but it's nice that they're available internationally.
    8. If I could just buy them all. So pretty :daisy
    9. Lysandra is a Notdoll "Aletheia White Vampire A" -- Notdoll "A New Life" is the same headsculpt but a different face-up scheme and a black dress instead of a white one. I *adore* the new face-up . . . and the "Janus" half-closed eyes version is just stunning -- wish I could get only the head, to switch out with Lysandra's on occasion!!



      -- Andi :)
    10. :evil: PUTAIN DE MERDE! :evil:

      I just bought V "a new life" for 620!!

      I'm going to the site to B$@*^!!

      Argh! :x

    11. Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

      They did a partial refund so I got my pretty new Vampire A New Life for the Sale Price!

      Yippeeeee!!!! :D

      Thank you!!! :grin:

    12. Oh, I'm glad to hear that, eek, I'd have been furious too if they didn't refund the difference -- glad you were able to get her ON SALE, woohoo!!

      -- A :D