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Angelregion coming to Dolls and Friends!

Apr 15, 2005

    1. I'll be doing an order very soon. Let me know if you have any requests.

    2. awesome :) I still need to make a trip to the store but the weather has been so poopy the last few weekends to drive from portland and i think this weekend is supposed to be rainy too.

      Do you know when the AR dolls will arrive, maybe ill make a trip up there then to see them in person (and probably purchase one!!)??
    3. Neat! I would love to see Basic Kit Ren girl available! I don't when I could order but she is my favorite from Angel Region~

    4. Will you get the clothes, shoes, wigs and eyes that on on their Korean or Japanese sites?
    5. I don't know yet if they will be available to me. I hope so.