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Angelregion Dan

Jul 3, 2006

    1. Wow, I really like Dan's face ^_^ It's very different! He's cute...but sexy :D
    2. Dan kind of reminds me of Glow in the Dark. O__O Love the shape of his lips especially. :D
    3. Dan reminds me somewhat of Luts Kid Delf Ani and Ttori, Gothic and Sweet Lolita look as though they'd make a great set of twins, and omg... is anyone excited by 'descent of angel'?
    4. i believe dan is the same mold as diana!
    5. Yeah, I think so too. :)
    6. I really like Dan's face, his lips are so pouty and cute!

      I also love the shoes the girls are wearing, makes me want a pair!
    7. He looks like a less modified version of said mold above...Ah..I'm so glad warrick is standard now...<3
    8. Well, as far I can tell Dan's headmold is the Diana headmold but a male verison of her. Just like Warrick is a male version of Aida. I have a Diana, and the mold's nose, eyes, and mouth are exactly like hers.
    9. Holly smokes, Dan is the prettiest boy I've ever seen O_o I always thought that Diana'd make the least masculine boy XP Especially since Diana has the most pouty lips :D But he's so terribly cute ^_^! You could easily see him being someone's younger brother - and since he's shorter then most male dolls, he'll look younger too ::chuckle::