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AngelRegion Fair~Do Nik and Nell share a headmold

Sep 7, 2005

    1. Well, I recently re-re-discovered (n n;; ) AngelRegion and re-re-discovered the wonderful Nik. Though I probably won't be purchasing him (edit: for a while), I couldn't help but notice something strange in my research about him.

      Do Nik and Nell share a headmold? o_o? Usually I'm very good at telling these things, but they look pretty identical to me.


      What about Elly and Allern? Kai and Diana? (I don't think they do, but curiousity is slayin' me here!)

      zomg. I'm so confused. ;; Anyone know from experience?
    2. I think Nik and Nell have the same headmold, as do Allern and Elly--but Kai and Diana have different headmolds. I'm not speakin' from experience though ^^;, I'm just looking at their pictures. Kai has a way different eyeshape than Diana, and his mouth and face look different, whereas the other two pairs look like they have the same basic face.
    3. Ahahaha. Two outta three isn't bad. XD Thanks, dollface! Good to know I'm not that crazy.
    4. One of my friends just got a Nik, and he's SO lovely! And tiny! He has a very small, slender body and poses wonderfully. I'd recommend him . Erh dunno about the molds tho ^^; [/off-topic rant]
    5. I'm totally, unrepentantly biased :grin: but Nik's gorgeous. He's incredibly versatile, his expression seems to change constantly based on the way I look at him, or a different wig. He does pose very well, though I think Dashiell's strung a little tight so his legs are slightly kicky, but it's better now than when I first got him, so I think it was just a matter of letting the stringing stretch a little. He'll stand quite happily on his own in shoes/boots, and he sits nicely too, without leaning. I've had mine a month and I can't think of anything negative to say about him.

      And yeah I think Nik and Nell are the same headmolds, I remember reading that somewhere while I was waiting for my boy (though I've heard other people commenting that Nell doesn't look as `smiley` as Nik, probably due to the face-up. Personally I think the AR official pics make Nik look more smiley than he really is :grin: )
    6. Nik and Nell are really not the same headmolds though they look very close. I checked; Nell's head was sculptured by Cereal Killer and Nik's head was did by Go. Though both are very lovely molds. :daisy
    7. Siiigh. I think I've been convinced of purchasing AR Nik. @0@ Waah.

      And wow, so Nik and Nell DON'T share a headmold? :0 What about Allern and Elly, I wonder? That's crazy.

      Thanks so much, guys. n n<3

    8. I don't know about Allern or Elly though, because they are both sculptured by Go. But I am thinking maybe not as none of the other Fair's share molds. The Little Fair's are the ones guilty of that. :wink:

      Congrat on your choice!! Nik is really cool looking! :grin:
    9. The AR international site did actually confirm at one point that the heads are the same, though that was back in April, and I suppose it's possible that one or the other head might be modified slightly for the different dolls, hence the different sculptors?
    10. on the topic of Angel Region...angelsupply.com is the same site right? angelregion.com doesn't work, and the 2 seem to be connected so, yeah >.>

      also, does anybody else think Glow in the Dark is a tad bit overpriced? i mean, he's not that different aside from his makeup.
      What do you think of him as a first doll?
    11. The AR boy body is very slender, as has been mentioned. He can't wear SD13 boy clothes, and even sd10 boy or girl clothes will be big in the waist. My first doll was the same size, and it is still very hard to find him clothes. I love him though and have no regrets, because the body does stand and pose very naturally.

      As for the price... if you intend to keep the faceup, it's a decent price. Faceups can get expensive if you want them done really well. If the clothes fit (and with AR, that might be iffy!) then it's good too because it would start you off with something the right size. If you really love the overall look of the doll and think it's perfect for you, then don't be put off by the price, because it may cost more than you think to create the perfect look on a cheaper doll.
    12. Angelsupply is the international site to angelregion. It is funny that
      http://angelregion.com/ don't work for you though. :? It is a cover page that will send you to either the japan, korea or international site if you click on them. :daisy
    13. Thanks to that adorable AR Nik FS in the marketplace I broke down and ordered one of my own! I always liked Nell's face and since they are the same I figure I must really like the mold XD So now the long wait. Finding clothes will be hard since the ar fair seem to be so much smaller then regular sd's.