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Angelregion Fair Elly & Nell - same sculpt?

Jul 14, 2007

    1. I have seen only a few of these girls and really like them, but I'm confused. Is Elly and Nell the same sculpt? In some pictures they look different (Nell's lips look a little more pouty than Elly's) but then in some pictures Elly's lips are pouty too. I'm considering buying one but want to make sure I know what I would be getting!
      Here are pics from th AR site. Any "experts" out there than can clear this up is greatly appreciated.
    2. From what I can tell, they look to be the same mold, only Nell's lips are more 'm'' shaped.... ..Err.. bad explanation? ^^;
    3. No, I know exactly what you mean!;)
      But is that just the lighting or angle? If you look at the Elly with black hair, she sorta has a "M" mouth like Nell.

      Anybody else out there that knows about these girls?:nowords:
    4. ....I'll just give this a little.....

    5. The shape of the eyes, and the placement of the features seems to be the most differences, but one thing I've noticed is that Elly has a much bigger forehead than Nell. Nell also seems more innocent and wide eyed, Elly seems more serious. Those are just my observations, I've never seen either in person. :)