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AngelRegion glory angels are back! XD

Jan 18, 2005

    1. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet...or has it and I just haven't seen it? Gah, if it has I'm sorryy ><;.
      But! Lookie :D! They're all gothed out too. But wow, so pretty <33
    2. **drools all over the Ren boy** oh wow....too bad they're not in stock (yet, hopefully)! I love these guys....
    3. oh.

      I'm thinking my BW El plans just got shoved to the back burner!
      Now to wait for the prices.
    4. Bada-boy has freckles. XD So cute.
    5. Dana boy please o.o
    6. *agrees* pouty little goth boy!!
    7. Ah! Ren boy!
      He looks like an awesome friend for James~

      When will they be available..? ~_~;
      I'm guessing Ren's price to be around 480-500USD.

      If only...! XD
    8. wow. Love ren boy. GASP. I wish i had enough to buy the ren kit.. u_u but alas- no more doll buying unless its the sharmin boy.
    9. I'm saving for that Dana boy x__x Ebony wants her twin brother home!
    10. Gah, I'm thinking the prices are going to be the same as they were before, I hope ^^. So looking forward to that new Ren boy @_@
    11. Personally I would've liked to see more dolls in the style of their original Good Morning line, the first standard line, and the White Baby line. I guess the Prode of Jocker Kai and Ren were so popular that they decided to cater to a different corner of the market.

      *waits for the gorgeous Gentleman shoes to come back in stock*
    12. I love them :D
    13. I love them :D
    14. :| Wish they had a Kai-angel... (kinda Kai obsessed)
    15. I am so getting the new Glory Angel Bada. *drools*
    16. Ack! Your dolly has my name (Kendall). I got stuck with a boys name ;_;
    17. *is a Ren fan*

      Ever since I put up that request photos of him.. I've been dying for a Ren. I only wish I had 125 before the 21st ;_;!!!!
    18. :o How much are Ren dolls? ~_~; Seems like a noob question, but are there any standard Rens? I feel that I could comfort myself with a darling standard Ren if I do not get the lovely Glory Angel Ren boy...-_____-
    19. Well, until the 21 you can get a standard Ren (no clothes but body and head) for 225. And by the 21 you can just get his head fro 125 ^^;
    20. I want to see Cien! ><