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AngelRegion "Halloweird" 2006 (half-eyed Ren) - Pix Up!

Oct 16, 2006

    1. Also, there are some Only For You choices up now, seemingly all for Ren girls.
    2. The shopping cart isn't working on the site... Is anyone else having this problem? ;_; *has been waiting for the existance a white half eyed ren all year*
    3. TeaTime I took it all the way to payment. Maybe it's your computer or something. I'm sure you can place an order now.
    4. More details:

      Halloweird 2006

      44cm Milky White Half Sleeping Ren.
      Special Wig Pearl White Curly Curly
      Special Shoes Halloween
      Hat, Color, Suite, Drawers, Socks.

      Pale Blue Glass eye , Makeup Joint Finished.

      LE 30

      $ US465
    5. ...Him? As I remembered, Halloweird is a girl, right? Or am I mistaken? @_@

    6. "Halloween LE
      Milky Half eye ren boy.
      Milky Closed eye Angelica Girl
      Nomal or Milky Kai Boy. "

      Last years Halloweird was a girl half eyed ren with the normal AR skin. This years is a boy half eyed ren with the milky white skin. :) I wish he was a girl though. Looks like I get to go in search of a milky white girl LF body. -_-