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AngelRegion Luna : Gift head for Cien and Ciel owners

Nov 26, 2007

    1. I looked through the search function and didn't see anything about this and don't believe it's a really restock item since its under the Time Limit section of the Fairdoll website, so I believe it's a special promotion.

      For Cien and Ciel owners - if you'd like a Luna Present head, you can get this Luna head for free (you just pay shipping) as long as you post a picture of your doll to the website.

      It is in the "Time Limit" section (third row down and second picture in) and the message that Lempicka left me after I'd emailed about where to post the pictures was "on the Fairdoll board". I put mine up on the message board along with my order number.

      Further details here :

      If that link does not work, "fairdoll.com", "Time Limit" and you'll see "Luna Present Head" with a $0.00 price on her.
    2. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember it was an offer they had last year, so...
    3. Ahh, ok - then I think it would be archived in this database - I know I haven't been on there in ages, so it came as a surprise to me :) I wanted to make sure other ppl saw it since I obviously missed it!