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AngelRegion Natural Tan Ren shipping!

Aug 25, 2005

    1. I got my confirmation number/EMS tracking this am!
      They are EARLY!
    2. :o Awww man... :( I hope my little tan Jade ships soon, too! Please post pics (aka spam the board!!!) when you get your Ren- he was so cute!
    3. Oooh! I really like him - can't wait to see pics!
    4. eeee, horray!! I'll have to tell my friend so she can keep an eye out ^_^ ((having ren sent to my friend';s house because I DON'T trust the dorm))
    5. Aaaah, Michelle. ^^

      I should be getting a notice, too. Not yet, though. >.<
      You and I ordered at about the same time....
    6. Yikes! I ordered from Davona -- wonder if she's receiving her shipment soon!
    7. OMG, I am so happy for you!!! Can't wait to see him! :D
    8. that's a great news! please post lots of pics when your Ren arrives!!! :grin:
    9. Wow... that really was fast! Ren sure was a cutie, everyone post lots of pictures! And same for Jade and Kai too.
    10. It might depend on when you ordered/paid for him? I ordered my Tanning Ren on August 15th and haven't received a shipping notice yet.

      (Just as a caution :oops: )

      Regardless, congrats! It'll be exciting to see everyone's new boys! :D

    11. I ordered mine July 22.
    12. thank you doll ^^
    13. Wow! That is great! I guess it is better to be earlier then later. :grin: Now my Tanning Ren will be here sooner! :D I ordered on July 25th. I have not gotten my email yet, but since I did order him a bit earlier he might come earlier. *hopes*

      edit: But I still need shoes! *flops about* Luckly his new clothes from DOD came today. :daisy
    14. *licks* I love you <3

      I'm just crossing my fingers that my Jade will be shipped by the end of the month. But if not, that is ok. I saw somewhere on the AR site that they were planning to ship between the 31st and Sept. 11th. Those that ordered earliest will get theirs earlier than those that ordered say ... this month.
    15. Hmm... I ordered on July 22, but haven't recieved shipping notice. Aww. :(
    16. Laylei, I ordered on the 22nd as well. I've not gotten my notice either. >.<

      However, Leeke is fast...ordered yesterday and the wigs are on their way. ^^
    17. Are these dolls the same size as MSD? Or CH Little Juniors?

      I think I am getting a soft spot for Jade... hehehe...

      toots ~*
    18. Hi Toety,
      They are MSD sized, and share the same body sculpt with the Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy dolls.