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Angelregion - New Fair Doll Glow in the Dark

May 12, 2005

    1. Wow, he's really nice. She he's not a she, I feel like he's giving off femme vibes. His bear is really cute. And the face-up artist has the same last name as me!

      I am in LOVE with the heart eyepatch.
    2. Personally
      I don't know about glow in dark part. why?? :|
    3. ....screw the SoullDoll kids- I want him.
      *drools* He's perfect. He has that utterly pissed look but with a grand "and I'm better then you too" air.....
      I wonder if they will offer him on the international site! I hope so.....i think I will go ask...
      to bad he is not MSD size though....hum...
    4. I love the heart shaped eye patch!!
    5. Ohhh... he is SD sized!! I thought it was another mini. Nice!!

    6. Lovely outfit and look ^^ For some reason it makes me want to have a girl like that.. Very inspiring. I really like the bear too :daisy
    7. ... *stupid grin* Is that just the name or have they really mixed phosphor in to the resin? In other words, *does* he glow in the dark?
    8. Oh my. Pretty. Extremly pretty.

      Maybe the whole Glow in the Dark thing is a pun about his pale skin? (honsestly, he´d totally scare me off if he´d really glow ^-^)
    9. Pretty, but I'm not in mad lust, or anything. (Those stockings, however, are to die for.)
    10. Very pretty, maybe Glow in the Dark is just the name of the custom?
    11. I think he does glow in the dark! Just looking at the colour of his skin makes me think that he does because he has that pink tone to him.
    12. I think it would be scary if he did actually glow O_o.
    13. maybe his clothes glow in the dark...?
    14. Good-gosh-a-mighty, he's gorgeous!! I'm hoping they make a Little Fair with a similar look, like what they did with POJ Ren & Kai--my Kaede needs a kick-ass BF like that to spice up all that "cute" of hers! :drool

    15. :oops: Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or does that say "cereal killer" on the picture? They mean "serial killer," I'm sure. Cereal is Raisin Bran.
      My picky English aside, I love the look. I love the clothing, the bear, everything. :love
    16. Actually, I think they might really mean Cereal Killer, like a pun, because it seems almost all AR dolls have him/her listed as the sculptor.
    17. Which was also the handle of Matthew Lillard's character in the movie Hackers. I always think of that when I see Cereal Killer, hehehe.
    18. gosh that's funny! Actually the nickname is very cute "Cereal killer", guess the guy/girl
      loves cereal. -_-;;;;
    19. He's gorgeous, I like his outfit, yet, this whole "Glow In the Dark" thing makes me wonder.