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Angelregion offering Sleeping Head with purchase

Jul 9, 2006

    1. Didn't see any pictures though. ;_;
    2. I would like a sleeping head for my DANA for photostories I wonder if I'll be able to get one.

    3. so with every $300 purchase you get a sleeping or half lidded Cien? so, I wonder if that means they are only offering Cien heads and not others, like Ren or Dana?
    4. Only the sleeping CIEN head is available with the $300 purchase. NO OTHER HEADS. It's like how eLuts is releasing the Na-Nu-Ri head with purchase.
    5. My...goodness... if it only were a sleeping Ren.... OMG.... *starts saving for such day*
    6. My friend is getting the sleeping Cien head from the July special... and I'm getting a Sweet Lolita head XD