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AngelRegion 'Prode of Jocker REN"

Sep 24, 2004

    1. *whimper* So ... pretty!
      (... and so expensive, too. :cry: )
      Someday - someday I'm gonna get Tender Too & paint him up like that, I tell you! Someday ---!!
    2. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!

      Ok, now *Ren* I could get in 2 weeks. I'm still more in love with Kai, but having seen Ren, I think he'd actually make a *wicked* cool BF for Kaede when she gets here! She's 41.5 cm and he's 43, so I think they'd make a *fantastic* couple!

      Ok, I've managed to convince myself, and that's now my plan!


      --two weeks, two weeks, two *short* little weeks!

      Thanks, Annie--you just made my day!!! :grin:

    3. Oh, he's too beautiful... *whimper*
    4. Hot. But I still wonder what they mean by "Prode of Jocker". o_O
    5. I kind of thought "prode" might actually be "pride," but as for "jocker," I have absolutely *no* clue, or even a snowball's chance of one!

    6. either they mean j-rocker or joker, I think.

      ~ Majenta
    7. The Japanese site says "Return of Joker." 'K sorry bye! *runs away*
    8. boy, I would love to commission someone to make me an outfit like that for SD13 boy. *_* I dont want more dolls I just want the outfit!!
    9. Are there pics of the full outfit? I think I could make something like that...

      i wnat him...

      but NO *stomps foot down* I cannot!! I am savig up for my DoD YEN!

      *closes eyes. peeks and sits and stares*

      oh why did you have to come out now.. you evil evil temptress..

      someone on this fourm must buy him, I demand it.

      and let my future doll be his friend.
    11. OMG! *tackle!*
      I want one, too~! :D
    12. I believe it's supposed to be Pride of Jrocker Ren

      it would fit the look.. he's very Jrocker/Visual-kei with this look
    13. his look is very jrock.

      but remenber in japan and korea they don't us ethe term "J-Rocker"

      that would be liek calling America Rockers *A-Rocker*

      I think it was supposte dto be Pride of Joker.

      it fits more, he has the devilish 'Joker" look
    14. Yeah, both Kai and Ren remind me of a version of The Joker, or a skewed version of The Mad Hatter from "Alice."

    15. He's not really my type, but I love his faceup.
    16. K(me): KAWAIIIIIII!!!!!!~

      PoJR: *raises eyebrow in look of confusion/horror* ....kawaii..?

      Euh, well, personally, I didn't even notice the mispelling... T_TU ... I thought it was deffinately "Pride of Joker"... *shrugs* they deffinately have that "joker"/"jester" type of vibe, in my opinion...

      sex-ahy. ;P

      PoJR: that's more like it...

      Deffinately outa *my* budget, though... *sigh* pretty pretty, though. He wouldn't fit with the rest.... *sighs* ah, well.
    17. I remember seeing a picture of Kai for the first time...I wanted him so badly. Hell, I still do. But I just can't afford him. Ren on the other hand...well...*starts hoarding money* lol They're both just so gorgeous.
    18. Is he going to be too terribly limited? I'd love to have him for my Io, but he's not the first on my list of next-to-get dolls. I wouldn't want to regret not getting him though if he's super limited. :?