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Angelregion Refunded my moolah, YAY!

Feb 8, 2007

    1. So after finding out the the new Glory Angels are normalskin, I asked for a refund due to false advertising.

      This is my reply:

      Yes. We can refund to your payment
      and restocking or cansle fee is 20% of full payment.

      This is okay?
      Anser me. refund to your payment.

      PS: White Full closed Glory Angel Angelica order only Return of Angel Owner.

      Just thought I'd let people know to really make an effort to find out what you are getting BEFORE you pay. :-(

      Their translations are unintelligible anyhow... so good luck!


      **UPDATE** After writing them a couple of very firm but polite letters (wherein I quote their own description) it seems they are seeing their error and refunding my money.
      Thanks again for the moral support and helpful suggestions, everyone!!

      So it's official: AR DOESN'T suck! ^_~
    2. Don't most companies have a policy like that?
    3. I'm sorry this happened to you :(

      But... I did understand it like they were the NS Glory Angels from the first release, and that after them, they would release the White ones ^^;;

      Maybe you can sell her to anyone who wants her instead of paying the cancelling fee?

      Best of luck! :daisy

    4. I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding. The original Glory Angels were always normal skin-tone. And I believe people had said, if you get the normal, then in the next year you have a chance to order white...it's here I believe.


      I don't think it was false advertising at all. I didn't read it that they were white skin-toned. Saying 'Angel Region Sucks' because you misunderstood is a bit extreme don't you think? Their policies on refunding money after an order has been made are on their sites. When in doubt, always ask.*shrug*
    5. Oh no, I'm sorry you're disappointed :(
      I agree with Himitsu though, maybe sell her to someone else?
    6. i don't understand the PS part...

      so does this mean the dolls are ready made? cause personally, if a person were to cancel before the company got into the process of making the doll, i'd think it'd be ok. but thats just a personal view. i haven't read through their faq to see what they say, nor have i had bad experience with ar to do so, but if they say it in there then... if they don't, i would say its terms to dispute on. this all just personal view of course, so please no bash me.

      ah, i want a glory angel angelica but don't have all the funds ready sadly
    7. Has the doll already shipped? If it hasn't, it doesn't seem right to charge a restocking fee on something that's never left the warehouse.

      I do think you'd be better off receiving the doll and reselling it. Even if you take a loss that way, I doubt it'll be as much as 20%.
    8. Oh I'm sure it's my fault... Engrish is a second language to me too >_< and theirs is thicker than most!!!

      But yeh. I'm definitely going to sell her rather than get charged 100.00 for absolutely nothing.

      I paid, found out about the color not being what I thought it was, and immediately asked for a refund. It's not like I waited a week.
      It's not like the dolls won't sell out pretty quick.

      I think they're being unreasonably nasty.

      If you don't agree... well, at least those who were ignorant like me have the possibility of being informed.

    9. I think they were being a little rude too, i hope everything works out for you.:)
    10. Ah! Okay so I'm NOT insane... >_<
      In the description here is what made me think they were White:

      Glory Angel in pale white skin tempts you everyday.
      Give them your love and soul.

      So. I've written them again and pointed out their error. I will open up a dispute with Paypal if I receive an item "significantly not as described".


      PS: Thanks those of you who are being supportive ^_^ And I do think that this kinda SUCKS. XP
    11. ok, pale white skin kinda makes me think beauty white too, or whatever angel region calls their white skin. i'm not too familar with angel region, but reading that does make me think they were selling white dolls.
    12. You can't make exeptions when it comes to rules or everyone will start asking for an exeption. Good luck on selling your doll, I'm sure you won't have to much problem :)
    13. Hmmm interesting point... but I'd turn it around on them and say...

      "Don't say you're selling dolls that are WHITE SKIN when they are NORMAL SKIN!" (and GAH HEADDESK I WANT MY 500 BUCKS BACK)

      But hey. I might be asking too much...?


    14. I don't think so, they were falsely advertising to you.
    15. Yeah, I can see where they got you all confused. They announced the second Glory angels coming in white skin and them BAM! they re-released (?) the original NS ones... *_*

      One can get overly excited about the release to notice there was a difference :(

      I really hope they agree to cancel your order without any fees, keep emailing them! Or if they don't, that you find someone to sell the doll to! *sends good wishes*
    16. you can always try harassing them, usually it works, had emusic taking money out of my credit card, I held on until the end of the month saying I wanted refund and refusing to use my music credits and they ended up paying me back but I think you'll have less trouble selling her to someone then trying to get refunded, depending on how fast you want your money back
    17. Maybe they typed something by mistake..
      I've seen other dolly companies type girl when it's a boy doll...
      That could be wot they did by accident. ^w^;;;;
      You should just resell if you don't wanna keep it. <3
    18. My point exactly.

      IT'S THEIR MISTAKE, not mine. Intentional or otherwise.

      I SHOULD NOT have to "resell" the doll, NOR should I have to pay 100.00 for THEIR mistake.

      That is just bad business...

    19. The point is, if it's their mistake, it is extremely bad practice to make the customer suffer for it by taking the cancellation fee.
    20. Well the ironic thing here is I missed the first run of Glory Angels entirely, and had no idea that they were anything other than what was advertised THIS time around. >_<

      ^_^ I will keep writing to them. They have to realize that they're wrong. I am trying to politely but firmly stress what is "HONORABLE", since asian cultures do tend to have a strong emphasis on maintaining one's honor.

      I really don't think I'm asking for too much, or that I'm asking to be a major exception of some kind.