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AngelRegion Summer UFKs

May 18, 2006

    1. I didn't see this posted, so here we go. If this has already been discussed, I'm very sorry.

      AngelReigon is having another UFK sale,for the minis.
      The kits are -- get this! -- available in tanning, regular and milky skin.

      The kits include a head, unassembled body, s-hook, string and assembly guide. Tanning skin kits are $299, normal skin kits are $225, and milky skin kits are $265.

      Only Ren, Bada, Dana, Cien and Ami are available in tan; I don't see Jade listed. (Boo.) They can be male or female, but the site says that if you fail to specify which gender you want, you will get a girl. All of them (unless there's one I'm forgetting) are available in normal skin.

      (Thanks to sat & Jibrille for clearing this up!)
    2. Actually only the tan ones are $299. The other two are $265
    3. Normal skin is $225, actually. ^^;;;

      And you can get the following in Normal Skin: Cossette, Angelica, Jade(Mano), Ren, Dana, Bada, Cien, Ami
    4. Are they on sale now?
    5. If you click "order," it brings you to an order form, so I assume they're on sale now.
    6. Do they have the standard wait time that AR dolls do? Or are they an instant send because thy are an UFK?
    7. does anyone have an idea of when they'll stop selling them? (like what month)
    8. sat > I'm going to guess that they take at least a little less time, 'cause they're not assembled, painted or any of those things. That being said, I don't have any evidence for or against that theory, it's just a guess.

      Ebi > no idea, but if I remember correctly, the last UFK order was maybe a month or two?
    9. I heard that they only sell the UFKs once a year, is this true? Reason being I don't want to miss my chance....
    10. It says on the site that they're selling from May 13-31. I think they only sold them once during the summer last year, but I can't recall for sure.
    11. Anyone know if they take layaway? And how much is Shipping?
    12. Shipping for the kit is only 25 dollars!
    13. Now I know AR has free shipping on some items. Are all the kits $25 to ship?
    14. I'd assume so...I ordered a Jade boy kit and the total was 250.
    15. You ordered him normal skin i am assuming? Reason I ask is because I remember AR saying before that orders over $250 get free shipping. I wonder if that applies to the kits.

      Edit! This is taken from their Notice section on their site. I am assuming that this follows for orders $250 or more:

      Unassembled Kit

      Little Fair

      Type: Ami, Cosette, Angelica, Jade, Cien, Bada, Ren, Dana
      Set Information: Head, Body, tension, S shaped ring
      Price: 250$USD(Including shipping)
    16. question though..when my gf ordered an ufk last christmas, she had to add shipping from a category that is no longer on the site..we can't even find where to add shipping. do they just add it automatically now? or how do you add it.
      we want to order a tan one, but can't figure out the shipping.
    17. if you are going to be charged shipping it will bring up the option I have been told. So I am assuming that what is posted on their site is true about the $250+
    18. It brought up shipping like Luts does. And I would have ordered more, but I have just enough to get the kit, so I don't mind shipping. Cheapest I have had from overseas using EMS. (I assume it's EMS?)
    19. Yes they send EMS. That is how my Ami boy came earlier this month.
    20. thanks rynn ^.^