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Jan 19, 2007

    1. www.fairdoll.com
      -it only has eyes at this moment-​
    2. So they've started a new webpage? O_o
    3. I would appear that way... It looks really nice. ^_^
    4. they are, but theyr also adding on theyr original pages.
    5. Breakdancing boydollies? Wheeeee-!! :)

      I will be eager to see this new page of theirs, once they get it filled up. (I'm seeing mostly empty sections right now.) And I'm intrigued about the new Fair body-- does anyone have any leads on what they're doing to it, what it'll have, etc? I only have a Little Fair, so I didn't know what sort of problems the big Fairs were prone to.

      Perhaps those B-boys are an indication of some magic posing capabilities that they're about to introduce... I mean, that boy's standing on his HEAD! ^_^