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Angels-Cave at Kelham Hall doll show. (UK)

Jun 18, 2011

    1. June 26th - Kelham Hall Double Dolls, Bears and Miniatures show. http://www.kelham-hall.co.uk/

      Angels-Cave will have their new-look stall at the Kelham show, selling a wide variety of BJD related clothing, shoes and accessories – both of our own brand as well as Dollheart, Dolls of Paradise and a mix of Tinybear wigs.
      We will also be offering our usual re-stringing and hot glue sueading service. The rest of the show is a delightful mix of handmade bears, dolls and dolls house miniatures that are always worth a look!

      The hall has on-site parking, toilet facilities and a small canteen, as well as extensive gardens and grounds that are perfect for keen photographers.

      For more information email; contact@angels-cave.com