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Angels Cave at the Kelham doll show. (UK) +MSC instock!

Feb 1, 2010

    1. Angels Cave are pleased to anounce we will again be at the Kelham Hall doll show on the 21st of February 2010.

      Place: Kelham hall, Newark near Nothingham.
      Date: 21st February 2010
      Time: 10am - 4pm
      Kelham site: http://www.kelham-hall.co.uk/

      There is free parking on the day for all who attend, and a small cafe serving hot food and drink.
      There are qute a few places both inside and within the grounds for a meet up as well.

      The stall will be selling our normal mix of clothes, shoes, acessorys, Tinybear fur wigs, LittlePinkFairy falls and our new rage of wig spray. And if all goes well our MSC stock will be ready too.

      And we will be offering the re-stringing and hotglue service again.

      We are now offering a "pay and pick up" service for MSC at Kelham. If you wish to pay for your MSC online and pick it up at the show we can bring your cans along, and save on the post!
      Just make a note in the Paypal notes that you will be picking it up at Kelham,we will then send you a conformation email. Then just make a note of the transation number and bring it along with your email address and you can pick your MSC up!
      If you can not make the show on the day, all items orderd will be saved and you will recive a shipping invoce after the event.

      If anyone has any questions, please let me know! :)
    2. We are pleased to announce that we now have Mr Super Clear Spray back in stock! http://www.angels-cave.com/wordpress/?page_id=64
      Unfortunately due to postal restrictions, we can no longer send MSC via airmail, which makes posting outside of the United Kingdom difficult. We are willing to ship internationally, however it will need to be sent via ground-mail, which takes anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Please make yourself aware of this BEFORE you order. Thankyou.
    3. Only 6 days to go before the show! :D

      We now have some wonderful items in from Idollization for the show. And our very own Gourami-Tea is hard at work finishing some stunning OOAK outfits for 60cm dolls.

      As always, if you have any questions please just let me know.
    4. Just a small weather update: Angels Cave has been very luck with the snow issue in our area, and we are still planing on being at the show tomorrow. The weather reoprts for the local area do show some more snow showers for tomorrow, but nothing too bad.
      We hope to see you there! :D