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Angelsdoll 2009 Feedback

Sep 27, 2009


      * What did you order? Dark tan Jin (blank).
      * When did you order? 2009-08-28.
      * How was the communication? Questions on Q&A board answered overnight.
      * How easy was it to pay? Paypal.
      * How long did it take to ship? About three weeks.
      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion? Omigosh, yes. Beautiful even dark tan resin, some seams but not too bad at all for dark tan, graceful posable body and lovely sculpt. I was lucky enough to buy her on sale and before they charged for dark tan resin, too.
      * Did the item look like the sales pictures? The blank face sculpt picture looked exactly like doll, given the different resin colours!
      * Were you satisfied with the product? Oh, yes! I adore her.
      * If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? n/a
      * Would you order from this company again? If they had another sculpt I loved as much, absolutely.
      * Would you buy this company's products second-hand? If the price was right.

      Other comments: They marked down the package when their site explicitly said they wouldn't - I wasn't happy with that. And she didn't come with random glass eyes as stated. But - oh, she's gorgeous.