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Angelsdoll: 72cm doll discussion

Mar 2, 2010

    1. Hi!
      in the below, Cian's picture
      I like his face and gorgeous:D


      and now Event.:o
      I'm so happy
    2. yah, it's a pretty (emo) headshot. I hope they post more pictures soon. I'm greatly annoyed with this type of styling for photography. I can't see the bleepin' sculpt for all the hair and that doesn't convince me of their confidence in the doll's attractiveness. I'll be waiting. . .
    3. Hi~, Yes. I'd like to see more his face picture.:)
      and I ask angelsdoll's website more pictures
    4. I asked more picture to angelsdoll.
      And their replly is

      :Hi~, norja6
      :Thank you for concern.
      :We will prepare Cian's more picture..
      :Thank you.~

      Their reply is very fast.:)
      I'm so pleased.
    5. I wonder how he poses. :o
    6. any info on the company? they don't sound familiar.....but I could have my head in the sand too :)
    7. There some people who already ordered their dolls here, just search "angelsdoll".
      The company seems ok.
      I like the avatar head.
    8. [​IMG]

      seems like he is good poser!

      The "too much" on muscles can be sanded a bit down IMHO, but Id love him tanned and then it will not work :(
    9. I opened the angelsdoll website and it said something about "exceeding the limit". No doll photos.
    10. Just saw the website, works fine for me! And wow, they have an AVATAR head. o___o I stared at it for a good long while. It might be a good thing for some Na'Vi fans. ;D
    11. That chest creeps me out a bit. Can someone that thin really have muscles like that on their chest? o.o
    12. How can they get away with making and saying it's an Avatar head? It's different enough that I could see them calling it some sort of forest sprite head and everyone going "uhuh yeah sure," knowing that it's based on Avatar. But the way they have it know the company is calling it an Avatar head. Wouldn't there be some sort of copyright on the idea of the Na'vi from Avatar that their breaking by doing that? I'm sure there's no way that's authorized Avatar merchandise.
    13. It sorta looked like Jake to me, but that is just from my point of view tho. There maybe some sort of copy right issues going on too incase someone lets James Cameron know first hand and show him the doll on the website.
    14. I don't know - there's no copyright on the word "avatar," which, according to the freedictionary.com, is defined as "a new personification of a familiar idea." They don't claim it's a Na'vi head, but a "Cat Avatar" head, which is, technically, a legitimate name. It's a head representing a "cat."

      Obviously, it's in reference to the Na'vi, but, as numerous threads have discussed before, copyright can only go so far, and often only for blatant, exact copies (while very, very similar and obviously inspired by the movie - it is not an exact copy) - this is evidenced in art, fashion, etc. Artists can claim to have drawn inspiration from similar sources, etc. etc. I don't think it's very innovative to simply flatten an eyebrow ridge and nose, and the ears and eyes are incorrect for a Na'vi. Personally, I think it would be shaky grounds for any kind of legal action.

      I kind of like the Avatar-inspired head. :) The actual Cian head isn't as much to my personal taste, though he is well-sculpted and has very nicely defined cheekbones. The body is nicely done and seems to pose well, but, as others have said - with very exaggerated muscles, which, again, are not my taste. I do love Angelsdoll girls, though!
    15. Wow. Good news. Thank you..
      I will oder 'Cian' and I hope that i am winner(50% off):fangirl:
      Anyone there oder cian?
    16. Hi~. norja6.

      Thank you for your concern and order and making 72Cm Thread.
      We will do best.

      Thank you.~
    17. Just discovered this place and I think i want Cian. :) Which is sort of weird because usually the eyes would put me off.
    18. Could anybody tell me how the "finish" of the dolls are ?
      Any good reviews ?
      I like the girl dolls but the body of the boys aren't much for my taste. I agree with STADTKIND ....a bit weird.
    19. I'm not sure what you mean by "finish", but the resin is nice, matte and heavy with a slight texture/tooth but definitely not rough. She's very nice to touch. My girl has dark tan, which is very very even with no marbling - her seams are visible but not jagged or too prominent, they've obviously been sanded quite a bit despite the dark tan. She's lovely. :)