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Angelsdoll Dan

Apr 12, 2010

    1. He's just gorgeous.
      Love his body, too.
      From the size stats, he seems to be slightly beefier than DM Model boys.
    2. He's lovely! I keep looking forward towards the new sculpts that Angelsdoll is putting out. Their newer dolls have a nice balance of realism and a more stylized look.
    3. I've been looking forward to another 72cm boy from Angelsdoll, he looks great! This guy will definitely be going on my to be considered list in that new "vivid skin" color. <3

      Though strangely, in this rich tan he sorta reminds me of that guy that plays Jacob in the Twilight movies, if only he had a fur wig. xD
    4. Wow, I love his nose. Angelsdoll has the most beautiful, natural skintones--I especially love the dark tan.
    5. How can be SO handsome?

      OMG, i'm in love! *O*
    6. Wow! Very nice sculpt! He's really diiferent and handsome!
    7. I've just visited their website and Dan's head and body became available separately.
      Want to know what other resin their NS will match.
    8. I thought the same thing!

      Personally, I really love this head sculpt (yay for guys that look like guys!), but it does look a little small on the body (I prefer slimmer bodies) and the elbows just bug me. I've been getting more used to double joints, but these don't seem as well integrated as they could be.

      The skin tone is just gorgeous though, and I love his face so much!
    9. He is awesome and I love the nose too.......does anyone besides me think that the tan resin on the head doesn't match that of the body?
    10. Yeah I was kind of wondering about that too, the face seems to be a slightly different shade. He is gorgeous though. Would love it if the company would show clearer shots of his face without so much hair in his eyes and also in other resin colours
    11. I think it's because of unskillful faceup.
      It looks like the head is MSC sprayed too much and body isn't.

      They're selling the head separately now and we can see his face without wig in three skintones here.
      Tan is my favorite though.
    12. Azraelita wrote :
      >Hi Angelsdoll!
      >Dan is amazing <3!
      >I love the new body too!
      >Is he limited?
      >Or is 13-30 april only free shiping limitation?
      >Thanks so much!

      First of all, Thank you for concern and love.

      Dan is not limited edition.
      This period is free shipping fee period.^.^

      Thank you very much~

      So they offer free shipping till 30 April and Dan is not limited YAY!
    13. I saw a similar effect on Supia's tanned Rosy that came with a faceup. It can be caused by using either too much MSC, old MSC, or can be due to weather changes. It causes a milky look to the coating. So, it's not an actual resin color difference, but rather the fixative itself for the faceup.
    14. Thanks for the link relia. Like the look of him in vivid resin. Dammit do not need another doll on my wishlist:doh
    15. Wow!! He's hansome!!
      Oh, my god!!
    16. oh, that's nice, and i see, they changed the body? i didn't like the first, with that wrinkled chest..
      but those elbows.. brr. they should improve them, too.
    17. I agree on the elbows, they look so awkward compared to other dolls I've seen. My is he gorgeous though! I think he just might have to go onto my wishlist ^_^
    18. Okay... They have sold me. I could not hold out so I just bought Dan in the Vivid skin color. This is my first order from a Company other than a USA dealer. I could not resist that face! I hope they are going to start making more large size boys?
      It would be nice to see the Cian cat avatar done in a rich blue resin. Unfortunately, the Avatar face is not available and they dont have blue resin like ResinSoul.