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[Angelsdoll] Free Joint Body News~.

Aug 4, 2009

    1. Hello~.

      Announced new body.

      Dimension of existing joint body's action widened more.

      Pose is more natural.

      Visit homepage: http://angelsdoll.net.

      Thank you~ everyone.
    2. hello there...... I went to your website and read your news announcement. I really love your new body.

      I have one question though, is this body limited? It's not really clear in the news announcement. it says "Period limits by 50 customers until August 31"

      Does that mean the body is only available for sale till 31st of august? or is it the deadline for the 20% discount event?

      Please reply. I really hope the body is not limited, as I may buy it in future ^^

    3. Hello~.
      The body is not limited.
      It is the deadline for the 20% discount event.

      Thank you for loving doll.^^

      Have a nice day.~
    4. Is the $280 price just for the body or does it include the head as well?
    5. It does include the head.
      The body alone cost 227$.
      You see the price when you go to the body sale and choose > head > no.