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AngelToast “Raven” Discussion Thread

Jun 7, 2010

    1. News Thread HERE

      The very first head from Angel Toast has been released!! I am so excited...his features are so unique from what I am used to seeing!

      I can't wait to see what else Angel Toast comes out with!
    2. Yay, a discussion thread for him! He is such lovely/unique sculpt and I like his stylized features. I also thought he looked like one of my favorite OCs, so I completely dropped my month long plans to buy another doll and snagged up a peach NS Raven yesterday. I've never been tempted by a limited release or anything like that before, so the wait for him to be for sale after his teaser was the closest thing to doll release anxiety I've ever felt :)

      One of the reason's I bought him wasn't just for his sculpt. I'm a tiny bit of an artist myself and wanted to support such a great artist as elisa_maza/Angel Toast. The whole reason I got into BJDs was to own such fantastic peices of art, and I really like the idea of owning an American designed/created doll.

      Plus, look at Raven's lips! How can you resist!
    3. I've been checking him out on the Joint and it's so great to see him finally finished. He is lovely!
    4. Ooh, I think he's gonna have to go on my wish list... @_@ :aheartbea Too much stuff going on right now to afford him, but if he's going to be available again, that could work. Then again, maybe some funds will pop up somewhere.... ^___^;;
    5. Another doll to add to my wish-list. Good thing my list isn't long. :)
    6. (Whoops! I thought the elf Raven thread had vanished but I found it! Sorry!)

      Angel Toast makes gorgeous heads, that is for sure though. <3
    7. No, the Elf Raven thread has definitely vanished. It was a much larger thread. :/