~:. AngelToast "Elf Raven" discussion thread .:~

Oct 21, 2010

    1. eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaars <3

      I love how smug the elf sample looks.
    2. So pretty! I can totally see this head on a female body. :D
    3. I posted in your gallery thread too kawaii_mon but I needed to say here how gorgeous she is! I love your wig and eye choices as well. :D
    4. kawaii_mon, wow, she's really gorgeous ^__^ Can't wait to get my tan skin Raven *_* Just received a notice from my post office that the head has arrived, will go to pick it up tomorrow. Not sure what I'm going to do with him though xD But I'm pretty sure he'll be a boy... I'll try him on girl's body anyway maybe.
    5. Thank you Tetsuri! You must post pics of yours!

      Mariella borrowed one of my other girls' red wigs for a shoot:
    6. kawaii_mon, sure I'll post pics or maybe even box opening, not sure. But I don't have wigs and eyes for him now T_T And even can't borrow from anyone, I don't have any dolls here with me now ><

      Mariella is awesome, as well as her outfit ^_^
    7. I got him! :D Box opening here
    8. That's so exciting Tetsuri! I can't wait to see what you do with him. :D
    9. Kittybongo, me too ^^ But I have to figure out what company skin color suits him better. Maybe some blushing will be needed along with modifications... so lots of work ahead. But it's so interesting ^^
    10. Mon, that wig is just so much love! X3
    11. Hi all! I'm really interested in the Elf Raven and I was curious what bodies were being used the most? I definitely need a boy body and I'm looking at the Popodoll 63CM, browsing and doing some searching. Resin matching is such a pain, but man I love that head.
    12. I think the Popodoll body should work nicely! I haven't personally tried it, but I have seen heads of a similar size used on it, and it looked very nice. ^^
    13. Thanks Elisa! According to my research the color match with the Dollshe Oriental should be nearly spot on too.

      I am so very very excited as I've ordered my head and I'm just waiting on a shipping notice.

      He's going to be such a special doll for me! I've been gleefully crazy since I placed my order.

      Head is here! Even after the mail carrier incident. Apparently, they just decided not to deliver on Saturday and because of my scheduling the redelivery he didn't show up till today. Phooey.

      The packaging was gorgeous, green being one of my favorite colors! I was so surprised at how pale he was for the Oriental Skin! I love him. The head is sitting on a beanbag with some Safrin Royal eyes and one of the custom two color Leeke wigs. He thinks he's hot stuff.

      Question about wigs, I have an 8/9 Leeke on him and it's huge! 7/8 is slightly too small but the 8/9 is just giant. I am thinking about getting him a silicone wigcap. Is anyone else had wig problems? I am wondering if Leeke just runs big....

      He's just a dream though. Absolutely. I can't wait to purchase him a body here in a few months!
    14. Yeah they're just one of those inbetween head sizes. A wig cap or some velcro would work fine in holding the wig in place I think.
    15. Thanks kawaii_mon!
      I was thinking a wig cap would work, I've got a mini with an oddly shaped head and I need to get him one as well.

      I am really excited and I'm going to start saving for his body once my mini's are done. First SD woo!

      I'm back! I finally ordered my body. x.x So for a bit of a prequel... He's one of the professionally cast AngelToast boys by Dollshe and he's in their Oriental Skin, I recently purchased a NS Popodoll body for him because through my searchings I had thought it was going to be a good match.

      Boy was I wrong!

      The Oriental skin is a pale delicate yellow and my Popodoll body is PINK (Reminds me a lot of RS NS actually). I am almost thinking I should have gone with a WS body but I was so sure it was NS. There is a chance that Popdoll resin has changed or maybe my Elf Raven head is slightly paler than it should be.

      No match at all but I'm hoping that a heck of a lot of blush will fix it... Or I'm going to invest in an air brush.

      On terms of the head fitting the body and having a good range of mobility? Yes, yes and triple yes. It's a little small but it makes it look rather proportionate. He reminds me of 'the older male' character from manga. He can tilt his head up and down and look side to side without too much fuss.

    16. TQV> I think you'll be able to match the body and head up a lot better once you get a faceup and some blush on it ^_^ The body looks fabulous with the head! (I'm a sucker for abs, lol)

      Here's one of my Elf Raven Heads -- this is Tamais, my whiteskin one with Angeltoast faceup (not his normal eyes though):

      Tamais, 16mm Green Sparkle Ashley Spatula Eyes by karlyl, on Flickr

      Still working on the body issue for my boys >_> They are a little grumpy with me, lol.