~:. AngelToast "Hawk" discussion thread .:~

Sep 21, 2010

    1. This be a discussion thread for AngelToast's new sculpt, Hawk! :)

      > NEWS thread is here <

      Feel free to ask questions here as well if you have them.

      (discussion thread for the first AngelToast mold, Raven, is >here<)
    2. He's so cute. In the blonde photos, he reminds me slightly of Austin Scarlet. :)
    3. Oh my goodness, he's gorgeous. He reminds me of a wide-eyed, cocky Euclase. I really hope some of my stuff I'm trying to get rid of sells so I can afford him!

      Will there ever be a second order period for him in case I miss him the first time?
    4. Does the normal resin match Dollmore normal?
    5. KittyFields: Yes, there will be another ordering period for him next year. Not sure when yet, but it'll happen. ^^;

      minuet: The Pink Normal Skin would be closer to Dollmore NS, but it's a bit too dark (closer to Luts/FairyLand). It does seem to be a popular mixing mistake though that tends to happen where I get a head that's paler and closer to DollMore's NS. That won't be a regular color for this ordering period, but they might show up in the "special sale" section every now and then.

      Zellie: *lol* That had not occured to me, but it's hilariously true! XD *digs for a fabulous blonde wavy wig*
    6. How much is he? Sorry I don't see it on the website.
    7. I can't wait for him. He is just gorgeous! I love those smilely happy boyos!
    8. VampireSmiley: Sorry I forgot to add that - he'll be $120.
    9. Whoohoo, he's released! You know who Hawk reminds me of? Peter Pan. Okay, maybe I've just been playing too much Kindom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, but with that smirk and those eyes I can't help but see a resemblance.

      BTW, I only see options for NS skin tones. I take it you don't do any white skin tones? White is my preferred resin colour, but I honestly don't mind paler NS tones like Luts NS and the like.

      I'm really hoping I can order him! Now I just have to debate whether I can afford a faceup too, and if so, what I want! Well, I have about a month to brainstorm a character and personality...
    10. Kittyfields: Sorry, for this ordering period, he's only available in NS tones. :/ The white skin tones I made for Raven's sale gave me all sorts of grief on curing. I will be giving the white colors another go during winter, in case the weather had something to do with it (resin is a touchy material indeed).

      And sure he could be Peter Pan! How cute! :)
    11. Who would have thought normal skin would behave better than white skin resin in terms of curing! Interesting.

      Also, I just though of a terrible pun. He's the most awesome thing I've seen since sliced bread (because he's an AngelToast Hawk... okay, that was horrble).
    12. I love his chin...so very unique ^_^
    13. I think he'd make a lovely lady~! Pretty lips and high cheek bones.
    14. i have to agree, tempest_strife! i immediately thought what a strong woman hawk would make.
    15. I love him/her and have to order as soon as I can!!!
    16. Oh man. I adore him! <3 I have to get one before the ordering period is over.
    17. I need to spam the board with mine. Elisa_Maza surprised me with a Hawk for my birthday. His pictures do not do him justice. He's such a smiley sweet happy guy. There just aren't enough of those around. I love him! :) Thank you again!
    18. Yes, please do spam, Brightstar1008!
    19. I just ordered him today! As soon as I saw him, his wide eyes and high cheekbones instantly reminded me of one of my characters and though I really shouldn't be ordering more dolls right now, he's just too perfect. I just had to wait for this paycheck to make it work. :D

      He'll have to be a floating head for a while though :( I ordered Pink NS, and the site says that's a decent match for Souldoll NS... do you think he'll be a good fit on the soul-double boy body? I'll have plenty of time to decide while I'm saving...
    20. Hi there! :) I have not had the opportunity to try the AT heads on a SoulDouble, but I have an inkling that the neck might be too thick to work very well. I have a SoulDoll Jinwoo head, and his neck hole is a bit wider than Hawk's - but you might be able to make it work with some sanding/dremeling on the inside of his neck. I hope this helps!