Sep 15, 2017

    1. Angodoll appears to be a friend of MusenMusen, the artist behind the current UniverseDoll line. Angodoll (or "Ango-Doll," according to their Taobao) BJDs also appear to be advertised on MusenMusen's Etsy, WoodforestDoll and Instagram.

      I am not affiliated with AngoDoll, but I just received permission to discuss this company from the DOA mods after encountering their dolls through MusenMusen's Etsy.


      Angodoll Weibo

      Angodoll Taobao

      MusenMusen's Etsy, WoodForestDoll

      Dolls and Heads


      Oyster (boy) and Oyster (girl)






      BJD Items:

      1/3 male heel feet
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    2. I recently ordered a Hazal along with hands from MusenMusen through UniverseDoll, and the turnover for shipping it out was 9 days!
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    3. Here is a photo of my Hazal:

      He looks really good on the MusenMusen body
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    4. Just found out about this company and their head sculpts are really interesting.

      Lol I said my collection was done this year and then bumped into like 5 dolls I liked. Now to figure out if it is a crush or a need.
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    5. Wow those are really cool!
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    6. @StillsEve

      Soooo cute! :love

      Is this AngoDoll or MusenMusen/UniverseDoll?
    7. These are Angodolls :)
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    8. Are Angodolls being sold anywhere other than Taobao currently? I really want a Hazal head, but the Etsy shop is gone now and I don't see them on EBay either. I did see them on Legenddoll, but they only have Hazal as a full doll, no option for just his head... and I am absolutely lost as to how to order from Taobao.
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    9. @thedarkeststar13

      I usually go through an agent. I don’t have one to recommend, as I know the one I use is more expensive (TaobaoTrends), but any agent should be able to order for you with any specifications you provide in English (there may be agents for other languages—and I assume there are—I am merely unaware).

      Alternatively, you can just email Legend Doll with your order and they will make up a PayPal invoice for you for only what you want to buy. They did this for me with my first UniverseDoll/MusenMusen order where I bought an extra head.
    10. @americanseamstress

      Thanks, that's really helpful! I didn't know Legenddoll would do a custom order for me; if that's possible l will probably go that route.
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    11. Hello there, I'm still calm, but I wanted to check if anyone may have any infos about this.
      I did place an order for the Little girl through the former owner of the Angodoll/Musen shop on Etsy.
      They said that my doll was ready on june 16th and that they would have shipped her out after a short while, however the time passed, I didn't get any shipping notice nor did they reply to my last email when I tried to inquire them about it about 10 days ago.
      Any ideas on how can I contact them otherwise?

      I would also be happy to be able to get in touch with the artist of Angodoll if possible.
    12. @EchoUndine


      Lucien Carr (AngoDoll and MusenMusen’s English Agent(?))

      BloodTea94916 (AngoDoll Sculptor)

      LouLucien (AngoDoll and MusenMusen’s English agent(?))

      Levinss420 (MusenMusen, the AngoDoll sculptor’s friend)


      Musen Musen (MusenMusen, the AngoDoll sculptor’s friend) I


      BlackBird Studio (AngoDoll Official Taobao) 手机淘宝

      I purchased a Hazal head the 17th of January from their official Taobao and it shipped the 31st of January. I have only ever gone through their official Taobao
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    13. @americanseamstress : Thank you so much! Yes, I did place my order through Lucien, she seems to not be very active here on DoA. I really hope she's just in vacation and that I'll get back from her soon.

      My order was placed on 04/05 and took about two months to be finished.
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    14. Just a quick update to let everyone knows that I've got my girl today. I couldn't reach the dealer so I didn't know that she was coming, but I'm not complaining ^-^; I'll post a box opening tomorrow, she's breathtaking!
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    15. The measurements listed look 1/4.

      I like the torso but not quite feeling the aesthetic of the thighs.
    16. It appears to be an MSD body if the measurements they have right before it correlate to the body.
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