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Mar 1, 2018

    1. @rokidyal such a gorgeous lady! I love her faceup! :aheartbea

    2. She looks so beautiful. What skin color does she have?

      I'm trying to find a body for my head. I order her pale skin. It is not white but kind of a light creamy color. I'm not sure what body will match. I thought the color was going to be more dark that what it is.

      Also if God permits I will send her Monday to get her face up. I'm trying to find a wig for her. Should I make her a platinum blonde or a red hair?

      Here is my Pamela with a platinum blonde wig :)

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    3. Here's my Kylo Ren supreme leader (Jupiter head by Anhais studio). I made his faceup, body blushing and wig myself. I was aiming at dramatic and sensual look for him.
      I have to mention that, my Kylo Ren's kept his face intact for Hux, he had to, so no scars on this lovely face ^^
      Kylo Ren supreme leader is going to have some "canon" clothing sometime though. As that one is a work in progress at the moment, Kylo's wearing something sexy a post-tlj kylux fan would appreciate.
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    4. @MrFjmg2003
      She is normal yellow.
      For now she shares my old supia ns body. I'm going to buy him the Resinsoul Bigger :)
      @Rook_Sever thank,
      He is from Softpoison :)
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    5. @MrFjmg2003 woooow, I love that blonde wig! :drool

      @noirobscur wow, gorgeous look! Hmmm, is it the same wig that your Crylo wears? Or did you made this wig special for Supreme Leader?
    6. Ooh my biggest fan here :3 Thank you so much for your opinion on my dolls, I appreciate.
      It is a hard cap wig with a glued-on hair that I have made to fit specifically for Kylo supreme leader's head, due to his head size being diffrent than my regular Kylo's head.
    7. @noirobscur I was waiting for you here :lol:
      The wig looks great, I like the style and color ^^
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    8. @Rook_Sever I've got a one more wig cap for Jupiter head, so I'll make another wig for supreme leader, maybe a longer hair. Meanwhile Hux's body has arrived at my place yesterday :] Time for the general to be put together.
    9. @noirobscur cool, hope you will have time for the new wig :)
      Glad to hear that General is almost there! And hope to see them together soon^^

      Btw I haven't show my Hux and Ren together yet:
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    10. Haul and Ren look amazing, so real just like in the movie :)
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    11. I finally send my Cilene head to get her face up, and sold my Elara head.

      Does somebody here has a pale skin head? I'm having a hard time finding a body for my head that will match in resin.

      If any of you have a pale skin head and if you do what body are you using?

      Thank you in advance for the help.

      For some reason I missed you message and forgot to reply. Thank you so much I like the wig too, but it was to big for her. So I order a similar wig but in red and a size smaller (they didn't have the blonde anymore) I will leave the link for the wig in case you are interested in getting it to. Once again sorry for the late reply.

      Monique Gold DOLL Wig "Paige" Size 7/8 in Golden Reddish Blonde | eBay
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    12. @MrFjmg2003 Congrats! Seems you became closer to get your character ready!
      My Ganimedes is pale, and I match him with old Dollshe pale, but it is not perfect.
      Thanx! Oh, I like Monique, soooo soft wigs! :aheartbea
    13. :)

      I order a body for my Pamela (Cilene). The resin match is terrible, and I will have to mod the neck because it looks kind of short, but I really liked the shape of the body.

      The body is a resinsoul 60cm girl body in normal skin. My friend, and a very talented face up artist will blush the head to match the body. I also order the jointed hands :)

      My friend has a resinsoul body in normal skin, and she as a favor put the Cilene head on the body. I will share the pictures in case somebody wonders how it will look. My head is in pale skin and the resinsoul body in normal skin. I think if the head was in pink skin would have match better. My friend told me the head looks good in proportion, but it doesn't have much range movement, also the neck is to short.

      All sizes | IMG_20180719_174742518~2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

      All sizes | IMG_20180719_174808556~2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    14. @MrFjmg2003 Hope to see your girl here soon! I really like her eyes!^^
    15. Thank you. The artist of the head send me those eyes as a gift. They are so beautiful in person. I think the eyes are made of resin.

      I did order her other eyes some ice blue color. I have a very specific look for her :)
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    16. @il-3 woooow, you collected em all, right?^^
      I love your girl with green lips! :love
    17. For the moment yes!!! XD
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    18. @noirobscur , he looks so real!:aeyepop:

      Just realized I never posted my girl here. I love her cheekbones so much.
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