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Anhais Studio dolls discussion

Mar 1, 2018

    1. @Cydril she looks awesome! I love the hairline and the whole wig also :love
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    2. I've completed both Ren (Anhais studio Jupiter) and Hux (Anhais studio Ganimedes) characters now. Got to assemble Hux after the body blushing, and then y'all get a picspam from me.

      Here are their profiles in the DoA doll profile section:
      Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
      General Hux
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    3. @noirobscur what a great photo! Love the thunder passion between them :love
    4. Thank you! I feel so content now that these angry space boyfriends are almost completed and I can photograph them, took me too damn long. Now they need a good diorama.
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    5. *slides in hoping to see more Jupiters* Don't mind me...
    6. *waves to everyone!* Hi, everyone! I have just bought an Elara in pale skin and I am waiting for her to come home. Does anyone have any idea what body she would work well on? Does anyone here have an Elara?
    7. @Cat ^..^ congrats! My Elara is on a Zaoll body. She also works well on my 60cm ResinSoul body (size and resin match wise). She is a little bit small so slimmer bodies work best, maybe like DollsTown elf size.
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    8. Cydril, your girl is gorgeous! :love I love how classic and delicate she looks.

      And now you have me even more excited. I might have an unused Mirodoll body lying around and I just LOVE the dollstown elf body. It is one of my alltime favorite female body sizes

      Thank you so much for the photo and the response. I really appreciate it so much.:hug:.
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    9. Thank you, Rook_Sever! Those do look like great matches. I like that it might be easy to find her a body! :D
    10. This is my kind of photo. They look so beautiful together :) I have such a crush in the actor Domhnall Gleeson since I saw him in the movie Roger Rabbit LOL. I kind of want to get one of this head, but I already have way to many dolls and not enough space :p

      She looks so GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you bought the head. I'm not lying, but this is what I wanted to do originally with the head. I wanted to turn her into a geisha :) you brought that vision to life and she looks awesome.

      So after a long time. I never did anything with my Celine head. I cancel the body I order for her because it was normal skin and after all I didn't like tha resin match. Then she never got a face up because I decided to put the head for sale. I was so stressed out looking for a body, because I'm not good at doing hybrid dolls. But finally I decided to keep her, because I really love the Celine head sculpt, and I want to see the character inside my head come to life in doll form. I finally order a body in white skin from resinsoul and I think it will be a good match. If God permits I'm just waiting to get the body hopefully by next week. I also order some glass eyes for her. She is finally coming back to life again.

      All I need to do is send her to get a face up, but my friend the one who do all my doll face up is in vacation so it will take a while.
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    11. MrFjmg: I think it is great that you kept your Celine head. I do not think that these heads will be all that easy to replace.

      There are a couple pictures of my Elara here:


      I put her on the Dollstown elf body and I really like her on it. The only thing is: I ordered Elara in Pale skin. The head I received looked very yellow to me. They may have made a mistake when sending me the head. I put her on an Orientalskin body, so the match is pretty good.
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    12. Congrats on your girl. I love the way you style her. Elara is a beautiful head.

      My Celine is in pale skin too, and the color is kind of a creamy white. I think you got the correct color. I used to have a Elara head in custom white resin, and she was very close in color to my Celine pale skin.

      So I order a resinsoul body in white. I hope it match. My friend took some pictures with her resinsoul body in normal skin when I send my Celine head to her to get a face up (never got one :p) and compare to a normal skin body the head did look yellow.

      This is my Celine head in pale skin

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    13. MrFjmg: I see what you mean. The head does not look WhiteWhite. It does look more creamy and ... yellow. I was expecting a WhiteWhite.
    14. The artist offer resin match. It cost a little bit more but she will match the resin to what you want. The Elara head I had was match to DollZone White resin and the color was very close. She did it using a picture I send so the color was not perfect, but very close. It did take a little more time for her to make the head. But the head was a beautiful white color similar to DollZone. @Cydril bought that Elara head from me.
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    15. MrFjmg: I did not know that! :o That is a very awesome service.

      I lucked out that the head I received was a close match to Dollstown Orientalskin. So, I am good to go.
    16. After almost a year. I got a body for Pamela (Anhais Studio Celine head) the body is a resinsoul body in white resin. The match is not good it looks better in pictures that in person. Everything was fine until I accidentally restrung the body, and had to restring it again. Not the body is loose just as the head. I'm getting very annoyed and Now I remember why I like vinyl dolls better than resin. I got her eyes today but they look weird on her. I think the eyes make her look like an alien. The wig she is wearing originally was meant for her but now belongs to another of my dolls. Hopefully she will get her wig soon. Also if God permits and everything goes as plan I will send her to get her face up next week. I will request that the head is blush to match the body :)

    17. MrFjmg: She looks good to me! :D I think that the proportions look very nice. Once she is all blushed up you will never see a color difference.
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    18. Thank you. I like how the body looks too, and the Resinsoul body is so beautiful sculpted. The hands are gorgeous. I was able to send her to get her face up today. The head will be blush to match the body. I'm so excited to see her complete. The wig I order for her was to small. It didn't fit her. So now it belongs to other doll. Imorder another wig, but in different style, I hope that one will fit her much better :)

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    19. @MrFjmg2003 she looks nice on this body! :)

      Io as a fashion kelpie unicorn :lol:
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