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Anhais Studio dolls discussion

Mar 1, 2018

    1. He looks so cool. I like the unicorn horn :)

      Thank you. I like the body too. The face up artist was able to blush the head to match the body. She will start working on the face up next week :)
    2. @MrFjmg2003 thanx! It was a theme-dollmeet, and I like the horn too^^

      Great! Hope you'll shew here here soon :)
    3. Thanks me too.

      I just order an Elara head.... again, but this time in pink skin. I always regreted selling the first Elara head I got.

      I'm not sure if I will make the head into a boy or a girl. The first Elara head was going to be a boy, then I change my mind and decided that it was going to be a girl. Then Anhais Studio rerelease Celine head the one I really wanted, so I decided to sell her LOL

      But this time I'm very excited on owning an Elara head again. If I don't decided what to do I can always just order the bust Anhais Studio created to put the head on display :)
    4. @MrFjmg2003 quite a long story :3nodding: but they both really nice^^
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    5. My Elara head was shipped today. I was not expecting for her to be shipped so soon. The two previous times I order it took a little bit more than a month for the heads to be shipped. I'm not complaining I'm super excited to get Elara :)
    6. @MrFjmg2003 congrats! Hope your Elara will arrive safe and sound:3nodding:
    7. I got my Elara head today. She is in normal pink resin. The artist send me a beautiful pair of yellow resin eyes. I already order her wig and body :)

      Her name is Oyuki :)

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    8. Contemplating a Cilene as the alternate humanoid head for my doll (that will also have the Spiritdoll Monsieur Lapin head... lol planning a pict Hare goddess that might end up looking similar to the forest god in the finale of Princess Mononoke if my planned idea with Stuart Semple's Lit works out).

      Anyhow... Is the wig/eye size listed accurate? 9-10" and 12mm? Trying to get a feel for the scale as well as the aesthetics!
    9. The eye size is accurate but not the wig. I don't have any 9-10" wigs, but all the wigs 8-9" in size that I have tried are big on both heads Elara and Celine. The wig 7-8 in size fit them perfectly. So I recommend buying 7-8" instead. I hope this helps.

      Thank you :)

      In other news Oyuki got her body today. Unfortunately the resin match is not good. It looks way better in pictures that in person. The body is to pink and the head to yellow. But I like the proportions the head will need to be blush to match the body :)

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    10. Thanks for the info! Yeah I could see that people put the heads on slimmer/smaller bodies which really didn't seem to match the 9-10 number! (mwahahahaha thanks! The loose plan is either a doll chateau or dream valley tall girl body - once Monsieur Lapin turns up I'll have a better idea of what I'm working with)

      And ooh I think your girl looks gorgeous on that body! The proportions are wonderful.
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    11. @MrFjmg2003 congradulations on your Elara head, she is lovely!

      I ordered an Elara head and have to do a body hunt as well. I'll have to think of some other company that's really slim.
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    12. Thank you :) I love the body is sombeaugoful sculpted.

      Thank you :)

      Congrats on your order as well. I think DollZone has some beautiful slim bodies. The only thing is that they take forever to ship :p good luck finding a body for your Elara head.

    13. I'm in the market once again for a body for my Jupiter head. Any suggestions?
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    14. @Talolili I like him on Dollshe Arsene body, Dollshe 28M body. Might be good on Iplehouse SID or EID, but I didn't try, only guess:)
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    15. Oyuki got her wig today. I think she looks cute in it. Is is not visible but the wig has a bob style.

      Does somebody knows good face up artist inside the USA that don't take months to have the heads ready? I was going to send Oyuki to the current person who is doing Pamela face up, but she told me the head was going to be ready last Sunday then, on Tuesday. To make the story short she has already over a month. So, I rather look some place else. If you guys have some recommendations I will be very grateful :)

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    16. Greetings, all! I just sent payment for a secondhand Anhais Jupiter head, and I'm looking forward to making him into a mini Kylo Ren to take with me to Star Wars Celebration in April. :O I have some Dollshe bodies to try him on, as well as a Soom Mecha Angel body I have been trying to sell that I would be so happy if the combination worked haha. I'm more concerned with proportions and less concerned with resin match right now since Kylo's full uniform covers everything including neck and hands.

      For those that have commissioned (or made!) Kylo BJD outfits and wigs, could you share some recommendations of creators for me to inquire with? Thank you!!
    17. @emac wow, cool! Hope you'll share photos! :D
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    18. I will definitely have photos! I'm dressing up as Rey and am super entertained at the thought of having a tiny Kylo emo baby with me hahaha

      The head should arrive today! <3 @KiwiNinamori is making the uniform (and another outfit for Kylo to use for cosplay...) and I have a black wig that I think I can style to fit his hairstyle. I've never really styled a wig before though. It looks like it'll need to be cut, have some waves put in, and some gel to keep it "greasy" looking.
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    19. @emac that's great! I'm excited to help you put him together and can't wait to see his final look XD

      Meanwhile still waiting on some update on my Elara head to ship. How long did it normally take for everyone to get their shipping notice?
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