Animal Dolls?

Apr 13, 2020

    1. Do you like them? Are they worth the money to you? What do you do with them if you own them?

      I've been thinking of buying an animal doll, and I'm not talking about anthro btw, just actual animals.
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    2. I've got my eye on Cuarto Dolls' Hecate the Huntress. From the box openings and owner pics I've seen she looks like she is worth the money. C:
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    3. She's very detailed, most animal dolls I've seen are more cartoony.
    4. Doll Family has some great animals! I have a deer that wasn't too expensive. <3
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    5. Can confirm, Hecate is amazing!

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    6. Iplehouse has cats, dogs, and panthers. They rotate when they are offered, but they are nice. I love my little black cat I got from them.
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    7. I have never seen Hecate before but I LOOVEEE her!!! She looks just like my rescue pup!
      @Safira Do you think you could post more pictures of her from the front? Does she have any angles where she just looks funny? Thank you!
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    8. @ArouraAnn Koma's link to her sale page above has tons of poses! She's quite flexible.

      If I had any complaints, it's that she requires very delicate balancing to hold poses? I'm sure she'd greatly benefit from sueding in her joints and maybe different levels of tension in her stringing but I'm too afraid to try disassembling her since I'm not sure how her stringing works and I don't know if I could put her back together afterwards.:sweat
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    9. @Safira Thank you, I found the sale page and I'm just in love :D Shes definitely going on my wishlist!

      I had to revisit my collection to answer this question- Most of my tinies are anthros, but I do have a polar bear by DaisyDayes who is 'only' an animal! I love her, and to be honest, I actually enjoy having some dolls where I'm more worried about environment and props than I am about clothing and shoes. Here she is on a day when she was especially pouty with a bonus DaisyDayes piggy who is OT. [​IMG]2020-02-06_03-56-28 by S W, on Flickr

      I have a small collection of DaisyDayes' OT dolls who are (non-anthro)animals, including a chicken, the piggy, two gryffin/kitten hybrids and two bull terrier puppies. I absolutely think they are worth the money and I never pass the chance to snap more up if I see them. They mostly romp and play with my other dolls, but sometimes they venture out on their own to have their own adventures. Some of them have more personality than some human dolls I have :roll:
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    10. I like to have a cat bjd, but it's very exepensive in the right size... almost like an sd... I know Iplehouse and df has animals, but I don't like those...
    11. I'm not into animal bjd because they look like regular toys to me.
    12. I am tempted by animal BJDs, but I don't love them to the degree I am willing to shell out. The lower priced animal BJDs are either not realistic enough or too small to match my generally larger crew.

      I want my BJDs to have pets, but currently I am going the needlefelting route because the most important cat aspect to me is fluffy and soft.
    13. I have a Fairyland Hippogriff and just love her.
    14. I've been eyeing the Luts line of animal BJDs. They're a pretty good size and weight.
    15. I think they are adorable but I am not going to own one because it's hard to give them makeup.
    16. I think many of the more realistic ones look cool in pictures, but I don't think I'd do enough with them to justify buying one. Though Cuartos Dolls smaller dragons might be worth the money for me.
    17. I have a few--they are pets for my human dolls.

      Granado Neptune and Iplehouse Boston Terrier.
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    18. Would Dearmine's beans be considered animal dolls? or should the dolls be more realistic than they are?
    19. @Okomori.san, Dearmine's Beans appear to be anthro BJD (animal head with a "humanoid-looking" body). The OP wants opinions on dolls that can be "pets" (<-- I hate that word, I call my cats family/babies, not pets, I know I'm abnormal) to their human-looking dolls. I guess the best comparison would be Hello Kitty being a girl with a cat head, so in BJD form, she would be an anthro. On the other hand, Snoopi or Pluto would be animal BJD. Hope that helps! (:
    20. I have an off topic dog bjd who looks like a little clone of my real dog and she was definitely worth the money. I’d also love to get my hands on an Iplehouse Boston terrier but they’re never available when I’m able to order! Maybe one day!