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Anime Styled Dolls Discussion

Jun 3, 2018

    1. I thought it would be nice to have a place to discuss and share pictures of anime styled dolls of all sizes, sculpts, and from all companies selling them. So if anyone want to discuss or share their anime styled boys and girls, you can do it here :sumomo:
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    2. For ages I've been wanting an anime styled doll myself, but unfortunately something always got in the way :sweat

      I guess I also hadn't found quite the right sculpt that I wanted as my first anime styled doll. But now I've found the one! A Dollzone tiny sized Miyou! I really love foxes so he's perfect :) He's currently only on my wish list, but as soon as I get the chance I'll order him.
    3. I've been wanting one, too. It seems like they're all SUPER pricey. Now that I look around, I think all the ones I want are off-topic. (Smart Doll, Dollfie Dream, etc.) Who makes resin ones?
      #3 Geekmama, Jun 3, 2018
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    4. I have a Doll Family -A Xiaodao who is 30cm -more like a baby styled yosd. I put his SD sized head on a DC k-02 msd body and he looks better. Tall and lanky, but not bobble headed. I also have a 48cm Obitsu who I’m still trying to figure out. And I just ordered the DZ MiYou. Some day I’d like to get a msd sized girl, probably in resin. Vinyl is nice,but it does stain easily. I also have three msd BishonenHouse guys who are American comic book style. I really do like anime dolls!
    5. @Geekmama , Dollzone , Aimerai, and Angell studio have a few, and there is 2D doll
    6. I really love the Dollfie Dream aesthetic, but I would prefer a resin anime doll at that price.
      Dollzone's new KeAi and MiYou are really cute, I usually don't go for 1/6th scale but they're adorable.
      Sio2 and SQ Lab also have cute anime heads.
    7. The Dollzone Miyou is so cute ! If I had the money I would have buy one.

      @Geekmama the Dollfie Dream are not off-topic, they have a thread in the large dolls discussion ^^.

      But if you want anime styled dolls made in resin, you have two girls SD sized and 2 boys and 2 girls MSD sized at Luts. SQ Lab makes animated styles dolls too, but they are hard to get if you are not at ease with korean language ( they only sell through Taobao it seems now ). 2DDoll is a not-so-well know company that make animated styles dolls too, not too much pricey in my opinion, and you can buy them on Alice's Collection site.

      For my part I have quite some animated dolls in my collection.

      First my Volks Dollfie Dream as Inori from the anime " Guilty Crown "

      [​IMG]Inori white outfit by Lyly Esp, sur Flickr

      I have also Kurokocchi ( SQ Lab chibi Ren ) and Akashicchi ( SQ Lab chibi Tsubaki ) as chibi versions of Kuroko and Akashi from " Kuroko's Basket "

      [​IMG]Kuroko desu by Lyly Esp, sur Flickr

      [​IMG]Zettai wa boku da by Lyly Esp, sur Flickr

      And then a 2DDoll Colin as Mikaela Hyakuya from " Seraph of the end "

      [​IMG]17-04-2017 by Lyly Esp, sur Flickr

      I also own a Smartdoll Crimson as an OC, but I won't post any picture since it's off-topic.

      edit : ah ! I found a thread about animated styled dolls in the photo reference part of the forum : https://denofangels.com/threads/anime-style-dolls-sq-lab-dd-etc.619615/
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    8. @Lylyesp OMG! I love your AkaKuro bjds! :D:D:D
      They're so adorable! :whee:

      Until now I couldn't bond with anime style dolls but this Dollzone Miyou is melting my heart! :love
    9. I don’t know if it’s SQ Labs themselves, but the dolls are also sold on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Id love to make a boy SQ Lab doll, but they don’t seen to sell the KSB body anymore, that I’ve seen.

      I’ve been debating getting a DollZone MiYou, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up caving. :lol:
      I’ve also been wanting to make a Little Monica Muse Harmony boy with an Ani head, but the Ani head is off topic, so I won’t be able to post him when I do.
    10. I love Dollzone Yui, I just haven't jumped yet. But she's so adorable! I don't have any oc anime characters, so I wonder if it would be better to model my first anime style doll after a known character. I don't know who Yui would be a good representation for though.

      Edit: I just totally fell in love with Mangosteen from 2D. He's so cuuuuute!
      #11 stuartsmycat, Jun 3, 2018
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    11. I have Doll Love Lincy that I got for an original character. She's more anime style than realistic which works for my character. I'm also looking at Fairyland Karsh for another character.
    12. Lucky you! Wish I could order my Miyou now as well. Which skin color did you go for? I have problems choosing between white and pink skin.
    13. I had a Luts Kid Delf Coco before, which is that anime-styled face. She had her default faceup and though I liked her eyes, her emotionless mouth urked me to no end! If she would have had a smile or an open mouth, I probably would have loved her, but the super tiny, not smiling or frowning mouth I couldn't get passed. I may try an anime-faced male doll some day, but get something more expressive.
    14. I’ve been eyeing that one for a while, but I never realized he was a boy until you just said that! :sweat :lol: (Also, am I the only one who sees that the eyes are crooked in the pictures? It has always bothered me. )
    15. @manabusama I got pink skin. I usually go for white, but I decided pink skin would be more neutral. It was a tough decision, I still question myself, lol.

      If I had the funds I’d collect as many different companies anime dolls as I could in 1/6 and 1/4 scales. I think it would be a big collection, even if I only got one from each company. :whee:
    16. My collection is in the "stylized" range that people sometimes call "anime," but I've been wanting a proper anime-styled sculpt for a while, just for fun. They're so cute, but they won't fit in at all with the rest of my collection. Even so, I'm super tempted by DZ MiYou, and really glad he's not limited so I don't feel the pressure to jump on him. I'll think about what I want to do with him instead and order him a little farther down the road. :)

      @Lylyesp, I love your Mika!
    17. I had a 2D Doll Nicole last year on an SY body. I had to sell her because I needed money, but she was absolutely gorgeous. I prefer resin myself, and 2D has been recently releasing new sculpts, so I will probably be purchasing one when they have a sale next!
      I wasn't a big fan of their sculpts before but a couple of the new ones caught my eye! I would highly recommend getting a 2D Doll if that's what you're interested in! Just note that the SY body is VERY busty and VERY curvy, so if you don't want something so over the top, go for the regular MSD size body.
    18. I can't order another doll just yet, so maybe I get to see your Miyou before I order mine. It could help me decide which color to go for. I think I'll stick to the 1/6 and 1/4 size as well when it comes to anime styled dolls. I really love love the 2D Doll 60cm MengMeng but I only have my bedroom to keep my dolls in, so there's a limit for how many SD sized dolls I can have. I have some room for it but that is for my SD Iplehouse, Supia Doll, Soul Doll and Impl Doll family.
    19. Sometimes the "expression" can be fixed with the right face-up. But, as for expressive- here is my 2D Chanchu (she is supposed to be discontinued but is still listed on Legend Doll.

      [​IMG]IMG_1285 by Che Gilson, on Flickr
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