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Update Anji's Wig Designs Notice of Move!

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Hi DOA!
      I'm not new, a lot of you know me on here even if I never did a formal announcement, and I thank you all for your support! I wanted to let you guys know about an important change in how you can buy my wigs!

      Announcement cut from my livejournal:

      I have moved my store to etsy.com. Although I will leave the auctions that are on ebay there (there are around 46), any new products will be placed on etsy! Etsy is free for buyers, you're still getting the same prices, shipping options, and the convenience of paypal. I do apologize to anyone who this inconveniences! If you have any issues with using etsy, please let me know, and I'll be glad to help ya out!

      I've gotten sizes 4-6/7 listed, and 7/8-9-9.5 will be listed tonight , I had hoped to get it all done last night but after the time I spent setting up my etsy store it just wasn't possible.

      Also! The nice thing about etsy, is even though I won't be doing commissions in december, you can still put in requests at etsy ^_^ And your request once completed will become a private listing just for you!

      Here's the link to my new store, and I will be changing all the indexes in my livejournal tonight or tomorrow to reflect etsy, and junkyspot if I haven't already!

      Welcome to Anji's Wig Designs Etsy!

      Thank you everyone for your continued support, I got quite a few comforting and supportive emails from my customers and I really appreciate it!

      p.s. if anyone isn't on my mailing list, that wants to be, please email me at: anjiswigdesignscc@live.com. I will be doing my best to update people through that as well as here.

      Links to all the locations you can find Anji's Wig Designs Wigs!
      www.junkyspot.com (my sole US retailer!)
      http://anjiswigdesigns.livejournal.com (manual special/commission orders)
      anjiswigdesigns.etsy.com (my new online store with in-stock wigs!)
      anjiswigdesigns.ebay.com (will not be re-filled, but there is stock there)