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Ann on DollnDoll

Sep 4, 2007

    1. http://dollndoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=816

      I was just "not" looking at the new tiger on DollandDoll
      when I saw Ann

      Interesting I thought ...I think I Love her face

      the boy ...not so sure about ...but I do like her ...she reminds me a little of my daughter when she was little
    2. the boy has weird eye openings, but Ann is gorgeous. she looks like a Himstedt doll! I think she'll look great with the more realistic dolls like Narae.
    3. Oh, little Ann is darling! Ok, I did not need to see this...
    4. I like her face, but then I like realistic dolls in general. You know, this releasing of all these darling dolls in the past week or so is making me crazy. How can I ever catch up with my want list with this going on? (grrr) I would like the little boy better if he had corners to his eyes. He looks like my sister's little boy when he was about four.
    5. I had to follow the link, as I'm an Ann, too. ;)

      I find the doll, and the boy pictured with her, to be a little flat through the face for my taste.

      Whew! says my pocketbook. ;)

      Ann in CT