Anna's dolls, Resin BJD by Anna Kucherenko (annak dolls , annas doll)

Oct 18, 2019

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    2. I love these dolls, so beautiful! One of them actually looks like my Daughter in Law, a retired Ballerina. Any idea of their cost?
    3. They are around 800$. When i asked for layway, she said only Wester Union and SWIFT bank transfer are availbale ... Maybe i can snatch one from second hand market sometimes and with paypal :D
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    4. So a year later, there was a new pre-order :D 2-6 months and i will get a FE1 :3nodding:
    5. I just found one of these dolls, with three beautiful face plates, secondhand. I am so excited to receive her (have to pay down a layaway first)! I am surprised they are not discussed very much online/among 15-17” fashion doll collectors, I think they are among the most beautiful I’ve seen. She has said on Instagram that she won’t be casting these same resin dolls again, I’m excited to see what new dolls she develops.
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    6. The dolls come with different face plates of the shape sculpt?
    7. I’m not sure if I understand your question! But for this model of resin doll she made one body, and four different faces (FE1, FE2, FE3, and FE4) and the original purchaser bought 3 out of 4. Hopefully her next doll will have that option too, I love being able to buy multiple faces or heads for one body.
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    8. Oh, I see! That's pretty exciting actually! I hope she does have that option for her next preorder! Can you please update us on your doll once you get her? I would love to hear about the quality and posing!
    9. I definitely will!