"Anne" by Castle Anne -- mini girl

Jun 8, 2007

    1. The website for her is: http://castleanne.com/

      She appears to be their first doll... I like her body, at first I thought she was an SD girl, but she's actually a wee 42cm. She has very graceful looking hands... :D

      Anyone know anything else about her?

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    2. XD I can never decide if I actually LIKE the Castle Anne clothing or if it's beyond ugly. That Inspector Gadget coat does nothing for her cute figure.

      I like this one, though:

      Especially the faceup.
    3. The suntan color is absolutely creamy. I was told they called it 'latte'. The people were extremely friendly and nice. Anne's new look was created by their new makeup artist - he's very talented. The freckle job was just perfect.
      (Friend and I took pics but bad lighting meant we couldn't salvage enough usable ones.)

    4. Tanning Anne is sold out again, but OMG, there's the most GORGEOUS exclusive:


      Wedding Anne

      :D :D :D

      It says "By Personal Order" so I'm wondering if someone commissioned them.

      Edit: I just realised her knee is broken in most of those pictures.... *_*
    6. Oooh! Ooohh! Went to the website today and they've put up this notice:

      About tanning anne.

      We give this public service notice for frequent questions about 'tanning anne' .
      Former produced color 'milk brown' has problem to be manufactured.
      It's not only brown colors but also another color needed to Basic resin color.
      And this additional color makes marbling problem.
      But without that color we can not make milk brown, so there has been high defection risk.
      We will never sell any goods not qualifying our standards.
      We are experimenting other colors, depend on circumstances we can produce another similar color.
      We are still working on it, though it takes some time please wait for it.
      We will always be hard working castleanne.

      Oh, please, oh, PLEASE let it be as nice as the latte of the old tan!
    7. The normal skin is pretty pale isn't it? I wonder how it compares to a Mini fee? I am contemplating a hybrid of sorts and first want to see if the resin would match...Can anyone provide a comparison pic?
    8. I really love the Castle Anne Jr. dolls... Anyway, I was curious about companies other than Castle Anne that produce clothing that would fit them. Specifically anything on Denver Doll Emporium's site because I plan on ordering a doll from there... But other sites would be just fine. I've heard clothes for Unoa and Minifee are close, I know where you get minifee stuff, but what about Unoa?
    9. Teen Trends and some stuff from Friends2Bmade (build-a-bear) will fit, as well as some Tonner tops and skirts/dresses (made for Tyler, etc) And there's a number of people online, here on DOA, Zone of Zen and ebay, that make clothing to fit Narae and Unoa, that all fit Castle Anne. I haven't had anything that fits me Narae NOT fit my Castle Anne. There's Her Delicate Strength, and also Joyce Wiseman, who make wonderful clothing to fit Narae, and it fits CA. :>)
    10. Aaaand, pictures are up at the site!


      Do want Tanned Victoria.... T_T

      It's not as delicate a colour as the Cafe Latte (the older tan), but it reminds me of blushed roses.
    11. Hi - I am interested in feedback from Castle Anne owners (and pics if you have them) regarding the posability of her body - I am considering a castleanne body for a unoa head and although I know the resin match is good and the body is lovely, I have heard they are difficult to pose - has anyone else got this problem? or other feedback about thier castle anne?

      (havnt been able to find a poseability thread in the forums)

      thanks in advance! hope this is the right place for this question?
    12. I would like to resurrect this thread to just say HOLY WOW. o.o

      I just received my Misha today and she is amazing. I love how smooth her resin is, and her face is so sweet and happy. xD (she's constantly going :DDD I think). Straight out of the box, she can stand, touch her face, her head, hold her arms over her head (which is more than can be said for most of my dolls) and with a little bit of sueding around her ankles and hips, she could be my best poser. :3

      Yay for Castle Anne!
    13. StephG - She does look adorable in the blonde wig. I know they changed the body a while back. I've got the new body, and it's a good poser. The legs won't allow the heels to touch when the legs are extended, but she crosses her legs beautifully.
    14. My boy came from the Castle Anne - tanned Hwa Rang
      he's very, very beautiful! I have many photos from box opening, I can show them here, if you want. or you can watch them on my blog.

      Unfortunately, I can not tell you about their impressions, if someone can help me with translation:)




      with Unoa B-el for comparison

    15. bump for this thread
      my sweet girl - Han
    16. i realized i was doing a lot of chating on the picture request thread for Castle Anne boys and thought i would pop in here! id love to hear more about them and ofcourse see pictures!
      I'm hoping to start saving for a pair of boys (going to be my twins) somtime next year and would love to have some pictures to tide me over =)