New Company Announcing Historically Dressed, maker of historical clothing shoes and accessories!

Dec 7, 2020

    1. I am very pleased to announce the recent launch of my new shop, Historically Dressed! I am a professional costume technician with decades of experience sewing historical costume and doll things, and am so pleased to finally be able to finally realize my dream of providing high quality clothing, shoes, and accessories for your dolls who enjoy historical styles!

      The first collection is called "Debut," and consists of two dresses, two necklaces, and the classic Regency boots, all perfect for your SD size Regency lady.


      Each dress is made of printed cotton, using machine sewing but with all finishing done by hand. Features like detachable waistbands and lower sleeves make the styles versatile, while touches like pretty insides (lined bodices and French seams enclosing raw edges of the fabric) and the wooden buttons that were custom made for Historically Dressed provide a level of quality that I hope makes each dress something your doll will treasure.


      The necklace is available with semi precious moonstone or onyx, and the components are all silver or silver-plated. And for the final accessory, I present the perfect boots to complete your doll's Regency era day ensemble. This style is the most classic style of boot for day wear from this era, and surviving examples can be found in many museum collections. I have presented this first pair of boots in a sensible black canvas, so that your doll may enjoy lots of strolling around her garden or visiting the shops to see the latest styles, all while not worrying about dirtying her boots!


      I hope you will enjoy this first collection, and consider visiting the new Historically Dressed web site to find out more. While there, please consider signing up for the mailing list so that I can let you know when new collections are available. I am already hard at work on the next collections, and they will involve more Regency, as well as 18th century, both for ladies as well as gentlemen, and adding MSD as well as SD sizing. If there's something historical you've been wishing for, please do send me a message, either here or through my web site, so that I can take it into consideration for future collections.

      Thank you!
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