Another Artist Using Doll Likenesses Without Crediting?

Mar 5, 2014

    1. Hey everyone.

      I came across a kickstarter project. The person is making an "art" book kinda thing, he claims he "painted" the images himself.
      But I noticed his images are really just heavy filtered photoshopped photos from bjds, art dolls, sculpts,...

      The link to his kickstart:

      Since yesterday the start page on kickstarter has changed and he swapped some photos so the bjds are not there anymore.
      But he has them up on his facebook where he is posting stuff which will go in his book.

      Link to his facebook:

      I really hope anyone can identify the original owners.

      Some pix from his facebook in case it disappears.


    2. So some of those images are definitely by MB Lilac/Martha Boers. I just sent her a PM.

      I'm pretty sure the dark red boy is tehbunnehfoofoo's Dollshe Rosen: also PMed.
    3. Pretty sure that first thumbnail is one of SDink's photos of an Iplehouse Soo that she painted and auctioned off. Also recognize Iplehouse, Withdoll and Fairyland company photos. The Rosen I recognize but I can't think of the owner's name for the life of me. And just to make me laugh when I went to his Facebook page, not only has he stolen people's BJD photos he's actually stolen the cover art from one of the Assassin's Creed novels. (Or possibly one of the games, but I'm pretty sure it's one of the novels)
    4. I recognize most of the pictures. The one I know for sure is the top one. It's the first picture in this photoshoot:

      The picture of the Feeple Ital (second row from the bottom, most right picture, is the stockphoto taken by Fairyland for their Lord of the Ice limited edition seen here:
      (fourth picture from the top)

      The Iplehouse Claude pictures are also stock pictures taken from IH's own website.

      Other dolls I recognize are LLT Roderic, IH Soo, IH Ashanti.
    5. Second-from-last, bottom row, is definitely Withdoll's Eliza:

      I dropped a note on their Q&A board with a link directly to that image, his kickstarter, and the information explained as well as I can to them; I don't know if it will help to have reports from the companies (or if they'll file them), but with the number of stolen images I'm seeing in his Facebook, as well as his comments on deviantART complaining that someone's reporting him for stealing work he's claiming as original, more proof can't hurt.

      EDIT: I know I've seen others of these, too, but I'm not having any luck turning them up. Be sure to actually go look at his Facebook page for searching, it's nothing but stolen artwork with heavy-handed Photoshop filters on it, with a few family photos and memes. You're almost guaranteed to recognize a few of them.
    6. This is out and out theft. Anyway you cut it. The original owners of the images may even be able to get a cut of his book/the money raised for it. my advice to the original owners is to contact a lawyer, many will do free consultations.
    7. I'm currently writing Fairyland and Iplehouse as well.
    8. how awful - what a total stinker this guy is! His deviant art is fairly new Also there is a 'report' button at the foot of the kickstarter page, which I guess everyone should use? Might be a good idea to post some comments on his kickstarter too - ask if he created the original photography? I hope this guy can be exposed for the thief he is.
    9. The first two on the kickstarter page look like BJDs to me too. The first looks like tehbunnehfoofoo's Cosmo (that's Cosmo's mouth for sure) and the second still has the joints showing.
    10. Unfortunately Facebook and Kickstarter both will not allow you to report copyright violations unless you hold the copyrights. So the image owners would need to be notified an decide for themselves if they choose to report it.
    11. This is really disgusting. What's even sadder is that people are falling for it too. Even if they weren't BJD, they're so obviously photoshopped (at least to me, I'm sure anyone who's dabbled in PS long enough could tell), it hurts my mind that someone could get away with it. :(
    12. He has also ripped off Assasin's creed II cover, and probably more art as well.
    13. The non-bjd 'paintings' aren't his own either -- I recognise a few from larper facebook groups. They're photos of costumed people that he has photoshopped, it seems.
    14. yes I've just found this info on kickstarter✓&term=copyright - I find it incredible anyone would do this so blatantly - I guess he is fairly confident that Asian doll companies won't chase it up, and an amateur photographer won't have much clout. I notice his previous kickstarter for this same book was cancelled early though - presumably someone made a fuss!
    15. This is outright disgusting. I recognise most of these pictures, pretty sure the boy in red is illusionwaltz's (on Flickr) Viv (Dollshe Rosen).
      Not only is that person stealing, he's calling it 'art' and 'painting'. I'm sorry, but that's complete bull****, it's crop/paste + filter on Photoshop, can't believe some people are falling for his tricks. The picture on top also looks familiar, I think I've seen it here on DoA in 'Highlights'...can't remember author though.
    16. I see 2 of my images up there, the Iplehouse Soo and Claude with the scar, what do I do? Do I gave any rights? This is really frustrating to me.
    17. I'm surprised though that he was stupid enough to use Ubisoft material, because that's a company he could very well get problems with.

      You absolutely have rights, 'cause you are the copyright holder of the photo's. You could report it to both facebook and kickstarter and send them proof that these pictures are yours.
    18. At least two of the images belong to Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll), so I have alerted her too. What scum :(

      EDIT: Make that at least 5 of Marina's photos, 1 of Tatiana Nagrebecka (Rosen Garden) (I will contact her too)

      and this one is Bluoxyde (?)
    19. I posted this outrage on my Tumblr in hopes of letting more people know about this, going to on Flickr as well.

      Please pass it on.
    20. That's really wrong. He's committing copyright infringement. The rule in the USA is that once you create an original image, you have copyrights to that image until you either die or sign them over.

      Other artists can use copyrighted work if it is used as a parody or satirical work. This is not it